The Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Intake Manifold

The Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Intake Manifold

It takes a lot to damage an intake manifold because this critical part is typically built for the long haul. Manifolds have a sturdy design to help them handle the hard work they do as a critical engine component. It is pretty common for the seals and gaskets to fail over time, though, and that can lead to a full manifold replacement under the wrong circumstances. They can also be damaged, and when either of these situations occurs, your car’s performance is impacted. Replacing a manifold that is not doing its job anymore leads to a marked improvement in your vehicle’s performance in a few really easy to notice ways.

1. Oil and Coolant Leaks

When you need a new manifold, it’s pretty common for fluids to leak around the gaskets and seals on the old one. This leads to maintenance issues and a lot of extra time and money replacing fluids that should last for months or years. Installing a new LS1 intake manifold is often the solution to the issue, allowing you to step back to the manufacturer’s anticipated maintenance schedule.

2. Improved Engine Performance

After a manifold goes bad, a vehicle’s performance suffers in predictable ways. It can affect power output, fuel economy, and how often the engine misfires. The telltale sign that it is your manifold is the misfiring alongside those other two issues.

3. Prevent Coolant in the Oil Pan

Leaking oil or coolant into the engine compartment is not the only issue with your engine fluids when a manifold goes bad. It’s also pretty common for one to leak into the other, typically leading to coolant in the oil reservoir. That makes your oil ineffective at its job and prevents your cooling system from working properly, and it’s a more serious issue than simply leaking one or both fluids, because it has to be handled with an oil change and not just a fluid top-off. Luckily you can find great manifold options from the same people that you trust for a JEGS powerglide.

4. Stop White Smoke From the Exhaust

If you have issues with excess exhaust smoke, it might be your manifold. Those fluid problems can lead to burning engine fluids along with the gas, and that causes white smoke from the exhaust. A replacement manifold is usually the best way to deal with the issue, especially since it will not get any better with time. Once your intake manifold goes bad, an upgrade or replacement is the only option to totally remediate the issue.

5. Prevent Overheating Engine Issues

There’s a theme to the issues that pop up when your intake manifold goes bad, because the shortest version of the issue is that the coolant doesn’t stay where it should. It’s not surprising that this eventually leads to engine overheating if it goes untreated. It usually happens after one of the other coolant-related issues, but not always. Luckily you can find a new manifold from the same people you trust for your performance 700r4 transmission upgrade, so it’s not hard to get the parts you need from a trusted source.

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