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How Latest Farmtrac Tractors are Improving Farming in India?

How Latest Farmtrac Tractors are Improving Farming in India? 

India mostly relies on farming, and a large part of the population depends on it for their livelihoods. Recently, there’s been a big shift towards using modern farming techniques and machinery to make farming more productive and efficient. A good example of this is the new Farmtrac tractors, which are making a big difference in how farming is done in India.

About Farmtrac

Farmtrac is a popular tractor brand that belongs to the Escorts Agri Machinery group, which is a part of Escorts Limited company. Escorts launched the Farmtrac brand in 1996 to sell tractors in Poland and India. The Farmtrac tractor price has always been kept reasonable to ensure more farmers can afford them.

Farmtrac focuses on making various types of tractors that suit the needs of farmers with different land sizes and farming needs. These tractors are designed to be versatile, efficient and equipped with advanced technology.

Enhanced Performance and Power

The latest Farmtrac tractors have powerful engines and modern technology, providing farmers with better performance and power. They come in different options, from 26 HP to 65 HP, allowing farmers to pick the right tractor for their needs. With more power, these tractors make it easier to tackle heavy tasks like ploughing and hauling, saving time and effort for farmers.

  • Farmtrac’s latest tractors feature advanced engines with more horsepower and torque. It makes them capable of handling heavier tasks efficiently and completing work more quickly.
  • The modern transmission in Farmtrac tractors has more gears and smoother shifting, optimising speed and power usage for all farm tasks. It helps in reducing wasted time and fuel.
  • The newest engines, using improved combustion technology, release fewer emissions. It helps keep the environment cleaner and reduces fuel expenses.

Versatility and Adaptability

Farmtrac tractors are recognised for being versatile and able to meet various farming needs. They come in different models with different attachments and tools, giving farmers the flexibility to use them for a variety of tasks. Whether it’s ploughing, harrowing, planting or harvesting, these tractors can be adjusted for different farming activities, making operations more efficient and productive.

  • Being able to use advanced attachments like planters and automated sprayers ensures that seeds are planted accurately, resources are used efficiently, and yields are improved.
  • The advanced spraying and fertilising tools compatible with Farmtrac tractors allow precise application, lowering chemical waste and safeguarding the environment.

Comfort and Safety

Farming can be tough on the body, but the latest Farmtrac tractors prioritise the comfort and safety of farmers. With features like comfortable seating, simple controls and well-designed cabins, farmers can work long hours without feeling tired. Safety is also a priority, with features like roll bars, seat belts and good lighting to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • Better and highly responsive brakes reduce risks and give farmers peace of mind when using the tractor.
  • Simple dashboards and easy-to-use controls ensure that even farmers with limited technical knowledge can operate these tractors with ease.

Easy Maintenance and Serviceability

Farmers in India sometimes encounter difficulties in obtaining timely maintenance and service for their agricultural machinery. Nevertheless, Farmtrac tractors provide straightforward maintenance and service options, featuring a widespread network of authorised service centres and well-trained technicians throughout the country. This guarantees farmers can quickly service and repair their tractors, reducing downtime and maximising productivity.

Care 24X7

Care 24×7 is a special service that’s there for you all day, every day. It’s like having a friend to help you with your tractor whenever you need it. This service is designed to make farming easier and stress-free every day of the year.

With Farmtrac’s dedicated button, you can quickly connect to their helpline. This means you can talk to trained engineers in just a few seconds, making sure you get the help you need fast. The helpline is managed by skilled engineers who can identify and solve any problem with your Farmtrac tractor. They can walk you through easy fixes over the phone or send technical help if required.

Latest Farmtrac Tractor Models

Some of the top tractor models that are latest in the market are:

1.      Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx 4WD

  • It features a strong 4-cylinder engine producing 60 HP, suitable for tough jobs such as ploughing, tilling and hauling.
  • Comes with an 8 forward + 2 reverse gearbox, providing the right gear choices for various farming requirements.
  • The 4WD capability ensures excellent traction and performance, especially on wet, uneven or hilly terrain.
  • The tractor features a spacious fuel tank of 60 litres, allowing for extended operating hours without the need for frequent refuelling.

2.      Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx E-CRT

  • It has a robust 4-cylinder engine generating 60 HP of power output.
  • Efficient combustion technology minimises harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Its transmission system includes a double clutch and a constant mesh gearbox.
  • This model has a lifting capacity of 2500 kg.

3.      Farmtrac 45 Super Smart Valuemaxx

  • Powered by a 3-cylinder diesel engine producing 50 HP, this tractor is well-suited for diverse agricultural activities.
  • Fitted with an 8 forward + 2 reverse gearbox, providing versatility for various working speeds and conditions.
  • Optional power steering enhances manoeuvrability, reducing fatigue during extended working hours.
  • A hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg enables the handling of heavier implements with ease.

4.      Farmtrac 45 EPI Pro Supermaxx

  • Features a 3-cylinder engine with 48 HP, providing a balance between fuel efficiency and ample power for diverse tasks.
  • Comes with a Dual Clutch and Full Constant Mesh transmission for smoother gear changes and improved power transfer.
  • Offers eight forward and two reverse gears, ensuring flexibility for various speeds and working conditions.
  • Utilises multi-plate oil-immersed brakes for efficient and powerful stopping capabilities.

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