How To Have a Great Online Brainstorming Session

Business success requires consistent innovation and powerful problem-solving. One of the best ways to address these issues is through brainstorming sessions. Where you used to have the ability to pile your staff into a conference room, today’s virtual workforce makes that option unavailable. Therefore, in addition to using office Zoom backgrounds free , these are a few strategies for successful virtual brainstorming sessions.

Preparation for Brainstorming

Your first step should include preparation. First, you should clarify the problem or opportunity that you need to address. Consider everything you know about the issue. You should also conduct research to see what other information you can find.

Set your brainstorming goals. Do you hope to produce a new product, find solutions to a defect or identify a training gap? Whatever the problem, set a goal or goals to solve it. Then, create a list of your meeting attendees.

Sending Out an Agenda

You also need a clear agenda. Send it out several days or weeks ahead of time. List everything you know and your meeting plan. Set definitive start and end times. Make them tight to prevent extra conversation and chatter that could derail your progress.

Create a simple agenda. Avoid trying to address several issues in one session. When you keep your staff focused on one topic, you can expect a stronger brainstorming session.

Using a Facilitator

It can be easy to get off track during brainstorming sessions. Therefore, you should use a facilitator. You can act as the facilitate or appoint someone else who has the ability to stay and keep others on task.

This person should contribute to the discussion, but should not become the focus of it. Instead, your facilitator may stand in the background unless the participates get off topic. These individuals should be considerate of others.

Adopting Technological Tools

If you have remote workers or team members in different locations, you probably use Zoom with an office background free, but other technological tools can enhance the effectiveness of your brainstorming session. However, a great video conferencing software should be your first investment.

You may also adopt a messaging tool that allows you to write back and forth or make notes for future discussions. Software such as Dropbox allows you to share files, while Google sheets allow you to share and work on documents. Some software applications allow you to share your current screen with the attendees, so you can share a presentation, video or other files.

Remain open to investigating new technologies that can enhance your virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Sending Meeting Minutes or Conclusions

When your brainstorming session is over, share the meeting notes with the rest of your team. Flag anything that needs additional attention. Highlight initiatives that show promise. Reiterate any responsibilities the teammates accepted.

You may also build a project and implementation plan, but don’t forget to add deadlines. Set times for follow-up video calls where you can get updates from each team member on their parts of the project.

Although it may take additional effort and technological tools, you can hold effective brainstorming sessions with your remote team. You probably already have the first piece, your Zoom virtual office background.

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