Career Choices for Future in The Finance Industry


Financial industry is going trough major transformations already since a decade and it is still expecting major changes in the future due to the automation which is coming up in the industry. There are various sorts of jobs which are eradicating like the ones which can be done only by the computers by programming them in a certain way.

Gathering adequate financial knowledge and building a strong career in finance is not that easy. Hence, it is essential for the people to understand if their jobs are going to automated and start upskilling themselves as per the requirement of the industry so that they do not loose their jobs.

Financial Industry – Jobs in Demand

The jobs which will be in demand in the coming decade are:

  1. Financial Managers:

They play one of the major roles in the company because to grow it is essential for the company to be financially independent and be well managed which can only happen if the company has best financial managers with them. The financial managers take the main charge of the company internally and manage all their tasks and work closely with all the other departments. They look after the profits, losses, where and how much to invest which helps the companies to stabilize their transactions and well- function.

They also produce cash flows and financial statements while also managing the accounts of the company. There presence is very essential and marks utmost change in the work scenario. The manager should be vital and experienced to make all the complex decisions and to be precise in their work as any fluctuations can cause loopholes in the company. They also face a very competitive job market.

  1. Financial analysts:

It is one of the major financial positions and needs a proper qualification to work. A financial analyst needs to provide enterprise suggestions for an organization based on studies of factors such as market conditions, a company’s financial position, and the intended results of a specific form of contract.

The position of Financial analysts is crucial as they help the company in analyzing and taking best decisions which are required by the company to progress and make further choices. It is a quite challenging job and requires a person to be competitive and flexible will all the upcoming challenges as well be acquainted with all the financial trends in the economy.

  1. Financial Advisors:

This is a career where some individuals work independently and some work with the companies where they advise the people on where they can invest and help them plan their business decisions as well. The advisors can help people to manage their money which can help the from financial ruin.


It is very credible job but requires the individual to be well qualified with the financial trends, the stock market, bonds, and other investment plans which will help them to suggest their customers with better plans and ideas. Being updated will also help them to earn credible customers and have a safer business future. It is also expected to grow widely in the future because the awareness to investing is increasing excessively.

  1. Finance specialists-

They work in different fields and have their expertise in the same. They work in some specifications and master in the same. Specifically, in this field when automation is playing a huge rule in the financial industry- the concern related to risks and security is overtaking. It is also essential for the companies to work over these concerns to gain trust among the users. The jobs which will be the most in demand are:

  • Risk management

The risks attached to automation and the digital world of Financial industry requires continuous reframing and monitoring of the risks to make decisions and have a better result for the company’s progress.

  • Fraud examination and investigation.

The automation also brings in the concerns of frauds in the economy so financial industry is working hard to eliminate those and is strictly taking measures to prevent the users from having such experiences. These are specialized people in this field and work strictly to avoid such frauds and investigate them for its elimination.

  • Analysis of quantitative Finance:

These people major in analysis and producing the financial products. They also do the selling, buying, managing risk, etc., and help the businesses to take right decisions.


The above mentioned are some of the jobs which are expected to be in demand in the recent future and most of them concerns with analysis and critical problem-solving skills. This explains how vital it is for the individuals to work on these skills so as to have a job security in the future. The financial career students and other aspirants need to stay updated with the latest trends and work smarter to have better chances in this highly competitive industry.

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