Are Lawn Fertilizer Services Safe?

A well-kept lawn not only improves the appearance of your home but also provides a space for outdoor activities and relaxation. The use of lawn fertilizer services is a common practice for achieving a vibrant lawn. Here is everything you need to know about lawn fertilizer safety:

The Level of Exposure to Lawn Chemicals Matters

The fertilizers and pesticides used by lawn care services contain chemicals that, at high levels, are toxic and can potentially harm humans and animals. To determine the risk posed by lawn fertilizer, consider its toxicity levels and the likelihood of overexposure. Exposure to low levels of lawn chemicals may not harm you. If you have a reaction to lawn fertilizer, you probably used too much. 

If you experience breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, or rashes after fertilizing your lawn, you may have exposed yourself to too much of the chemical. The safest way to deal with lawn fertilizers is to hire a professional to do the job. They know how to measure the right amount of lawn chemicals that may not harm anyone when applied to your grass. Do not let children or pets play on the lawn until the fertilizer has had time to absorb.

Some Fertilizers Are Safer Than Others

The type of fertilizer you use on your lawn can determine the safety implications for your family. They are two general categories of lawn fertilizers: synthetic and organic. Organic fertilizers are made from naturally occurring ingredients. Synthetic fertilizers contain a combination of chemicals.

Organic fertilizers are gentle on the environment and do not release chemicals into nearby water sources. They are also less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your pets and children. If you are concerned about fertilizer safety, hire a lawn fertilizer service that uses organic fertilizers and low-impact pest control. A lawn care professional can also advise you on child- and pet-friendly treatments to use on your lawn. 

Correct Application Is Necessary for Safety

Most lawn treatments are safe when applied correctly. The danger may arise when you misuse them, either by applying too much or not wearing safety gear when using lawn chemicals. A professional team can help you avoid the risks of incorrect application. 

A qualified professional knows how much fertilizer your lawn needs at different seasons, so they are unlikely to overfertilize your yard. You need to dilute most lawn chemicals before spraying them onto your grass. Lawn fertilizer service personnel know the correct dilution measurements for each chemical they use on your lawn.

Where there are no natural options for lawn care, lawn fertilizer services use selective treatment methods. This way they can avoid spraying chemicals all over your yard. Instead of applying treatments to the entire lawn, they isolate problem areas and apply the necessary treatment. 

Safety Precautions Are Required

Avoid letting your kids or pets onto the lawn immediately after fertilizer or pesticide application. Everyone should stay off the grass for a few days after treatment application to avoid contact with chemicals. 

If you cannot avoid walking on the grass, rinse off your shoes immediately after you step off the grass. If you step on freshly treated grass barefoot, wash your feet with soap and water. This is to avoid spreading the lawn chemicals all over your house. Post warning signs indicating your lawn has been fertilized so visitors do not accidentally walk on your freshly treated grass. 

Your lawn service can provide you with safety information on all the products they use on your lawn upon request. 

Water Your Lawn 

You need to water your lawn after a granular fertilizer application. The product will remain on top of the grass until moisture helps push it toward the soil. Water breaks down granular fertilizer particles, allowing the product to get absorbed into the soil. Most lawn fertilizer services recommend waiting about a day before watering your lawn to give the fertilizer time to settle. 

Revive Your Lawn With a Lawn Fertilizer Service

Your pets’ and family’s health and safety matter more than having a lush lawn all year. That does not mean you have to compromise your lawn’s health for the sake of safety. Hiring a professional lawn care team gives you more assurance of your and your family’s safety as you care for your lawn. A lawn care professional can apply all safety precautions for a safe fertilizer application whenever you treat your grass.

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