How Often Should You Wash a Comforter?

A cozy comforter can make your bedroom feel relaxing, and keeping it clean helps you maintain a healthy home. Knowing how often to wash a comforter can keep it looking and feeling the best for a long time. Wholesale bedding often comes with the best offers. Having plenty of bedding on hand allows you to wash comforters as often as you need to.

Material and Washing Frequency

The type and quality of fabric your comforter is made from will determine how often you can wash it. When your comforter is filled with down, washing it often may not be advisable as you could damage its filling. Comforters that are filled with cotton can be washed more frequently. If you also live in an area prone to dust or other allergens, you may need to wash your comforter more often.

Depending on the above factors, you can aim to wash your comforters at least once every three to six months. If you have pets that sleep on the bed frequently, or if you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may want to wash more regularly. This could mean washing every two months to keep allergens at bay. 

Signs That Your Comforter Is Dirty

Look out for discoloration in certain areas of the fabric and lumps or bumps due to the clumping of stuffing materials. You might also watch out for flattening of feathers/down due to lack of fluffiness, musty odors from the fabric, and pet fur/hair embedded into the material. When you notice a dullness in color and texture caused by dirt buildup, it’s time to wash the comforter. Purchasing wholesale bedding in bulk allows you to have spare comforters to use when others are being washed.

Preparing a Comforter To Be Washed

Start by checking out any labels on your bedding that recommend specific cleaning instructions. When no label is present, check online for specific manufacturer guidelines to avoid damaging the material while cleaning. Always use cold water when washing either by hand or machine, as hot water can cause shrinkage. You need to use gentle detergent since strong detergents can damage delicate fabrics. 

When washing your comforter in a washing machine, you need to choose the correct cycle, such as delicate or gentle, so that your comforter does not get damaged. If your comforter is filled with down feathers, don’t use hot water because it may damage them.

Tips for Drying a Comforter After Washing 

Avoid using high heat settings on your dryer, which could damage the fabric and make it shrink. Instead, select either low or no heat settings to make sure that all the moisture has been removed from the fabric before taking it out of the dryer.

You can also hang dry your comforter outdoors if possible. This is achieved by spreading it over two lines so both sides get enough air circulation and sunlight to completely dry them out. Fluffing up your comforter in between uses may also help keep it fresh and looking new.

Alternative Cleaning Methods for Wholesale Beddings

Spot-cleaning with baking soda paste can be used for minor stains, while steam cleaning can be used for more serious cases. You may use steam cleaning where deep dirt needs to be removed from hard-to-reach areas. If all else fails, you can always take your comforter to a professional cleaner. Industry cleaners will have access to more powerful machines designed specifically for bedding fabrics. 

Enjoy a Cozy and Clean Comforter

Caring for your bedding correctly helps keep it looking new for longer. Washing your comforter at the right time can keep your bedroom clean and calm all year round. Understand the care labels on your comforter to care for it properly. You should then follow through with recommended washing instructions accordingly.

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