5 Love Stories linked to Strong Businesses

They say behind every strong couple are stronger individuals and that is all but true. Most couples with strong personalities and entrepreneurial traits end up working very well together. Unfortunately, some individuals can end up being selfish while focusing more on self-development than business as a couple.  There are, however, power couples who’ve made a name for themselves; as individuals and couples too.

Making it Big – How to Grow Together

Most people meet when things have gained some ground in their respective lives. It means the power couples that we know today had their businesses up and running before meeting each other. Many were sports figures, and entertainers like actors or singers and managed to meet and grow as couples. While some find this fascinating, it takes a toll on individuals to some extent.

Few people can tread such waters and come out clean, without reservations and move on. Even after dating Slavic babes or a Russian single woman, convincing her to leave her career behind is next to impossible. There are a few world-famous couples who managed to grow businesses that stood the test of time.

1. Beckhams

This power couple started in their right as sports personalities and singers. While David was a soccer star Victoria Beckham was part of the Spice Girls. David quit playing football and started running a sports club.

She on the other hand owns a clothing line and fashion in general. Being parents and entrepreneurs concurrently hasn’t slowed them down at all. They run a family business together too, thanks to Victoria supporting her husband.

2. Lee and Ma

This power couple includes Robin Lee, who is responsible for the search engine Baidu. Robin and his wife Melissa run a few businesses together. The couple runs the web-based company and according to Lee, his wife is entirely responsible for the strides he has made. He is candid about her support and how much she pushed him to reach where he is today.

3. Churchills

They might have lived in different eras with varying struggles, but their inspiration is worth noting. Winston and his wife Clementine never had breakfast or indeed much personal time together.

They worked different hours too, with Winston working mostly at night. However, that didn’t stop the lady from discussing stuff with hubby. The couple had their traditions and cultures that kept them going for five decades.

4. Gates

Few people are aware that behind the great man Bill is a greater woman named Melinda. The Gates family is responsible for several businesses but let’s begin from the beginning. The Microsoft foundation is a product of Bill Gates and with time, he and his wife became part of many solutions.

They run the Bill Gates foundation and are involved in lots of charity work. Incidentally, she checks her hubby’s goings and comings, helping with unnecessary propaganda in the name of paparazzi and such. She handles his business affairs knowing it might impact the family – positively or negatively.

5. Fords

The Fords are known primarily for the Ford group of companies. A struggling mechanic had nowhere else to be except his garage. While working from home in the cold, struggling to make a dream a reality, only his wife believes in him. This is a true story of love, perseverance, resilience, and power – couples worth celebrating. Their story lives in every Ford product out there.

Bottom Line

While your story might not pan out quite as well as Ford’s or the Gates, there is still hope. Join a dating app to find that match made in heaven with precision-based algorithms. The best is yet to come if you stumble upon a like-minded person.

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