Understanding the Process and Benefits of On-Demand Flights

Many people call it the next best thing to owning a private jet. Many others contend it’s better than owning your own jet.

What is it? It’s an on-demand private jet charter flight. This kind of aviation transport service allows people to fly whenever they want or need to fly and to any destination.

But wait. There’s an additional advantage that’s quite significant. On-demand private jet users can also select the type of aircraft that best suits their needs.

For this and other reasons, there’s little doubt that on-demand is the most flexible way to fly privately or travel by air in any way. The on-demand private jet charter flight is among the fastest-growing services within the aviation sector.

Understanding On-Demand Charter Jet Service

What’s the process of arranging for a private flight? Let’s walk through it.

Step 1: Find Select a Provider

Most people do this the same way they look for any service. An internet search for a private charter in your area will yield a number of possibilities. Another method is to work through a broker. We’ll discuss that in just a bit. When one or several are located, the next step for most people is:

Step 2: Determine Costs for Service

Most private charter jet providers operate within similar markets, and list prices that are more are less competitive and represent current industry standards. The latter is informed by current economic and market factors – again, as in any commodity.

As an example, the average price in the U.S. for an on-demand private charter jet flight is $4,000 to $8,000 per hour, depending on the jet type. The smallest light jets might come in at $3,500 per hour while a heavier carrier, such as a heavy cabin Gulfstream, will trend toward that highest $8,000/hour to $10,000/hour average.

Are Other Costs Involved?

Most services offer what is called an “all-in” quote, meaning that $4,000 an hour means just that. However, other costs may apply, such as a 7.5% federal excise tax. But here again, most carriers factor in federal and regional taxes in their price quote.

Some services may apply extra fees for things like Wi-Fi, de-icing fees or requested catering. Many services choose to comp these expenses, however.

Step 3: Method of Payment

Like all business models, private jet charter providers accept credit card payments. However, industry insiders say a frequent payment method is by bank wire transfer.

Step 4: Work Through a Broker

Many people choose to work with a private brokerage firm that specializes in arranging private flights rather than directly with a specific company. It’s similar to the way one might work with any travel agent to book a commercial flight. A broker may streamline the process for the customer and find the best deal and/or most convenient and fast service.

Step 5. Security/Screening Process

In short, travelers skip this process. This is often one of the most valued attributes of flying a private charter jet. Avoiding those TSA workers and rituals is a fantastic perk of on-demand private flights.

Step 6: Luggage Considerations

Another advantage of flying private is that there are no individual limits on luggage. However, if you are flying with a group, the total amount of luggage must stay under the maximum payload capacity of the aircraft.

In general, a light jet will hold about 5 to 6 items of luggage. Mid-sized jets average 7 to 8. Super mid-sized jest handle 9 to 10. The largest jets will accept 11 to 15 pieces of luggage on average.

Travelers can consult with the provider to ensure proper luggage amounts.

Step 7: Rental Cars

Obtaining a rental car at a private jet destination airport is just as easy, if not easier, than flying commercial. All customers need to do is take care of the basic rental contract beforehand. A vehicle will be ready and waiting for you with the keys in it.

On-Demand Charter Jet is Travel Bliss

Okay, maybe “bliss” is stretching it a bit. On the other hand, it’s difficult to imagine a more convenient, safe, hassle-free and thrilling way to fly than choosing an on-demand private jet service.

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