Will I Go Bald if My Dad Is?

Despite 42% of men experiencing moderate to extensive hair loss, it feels like a personal problem. Hair defines who we are and how we look, so losing it can feel traumatic. Many men look to their fathers to determine the likelihood of balding.

If you are asking, will I go bald if my dad is, then you have come to the right place. Learn the signs, causes, and treatments of baldness.

Will I Go Bald if My Dad Is?

You may or may not go bald if your dad is bald. There are more accurate methods for determining the future of your hair than Looking to your father.

Baldness is hereditary from the X gene. This means that a better-determining factor is to look at your maternal grandfather. If he went bald, then you could also go bald.

However, there are lots of genes that go into your genetic makeup. There is no guarantee that because he was bald, you will be too.

Signs You’re Going Bald

The most common signs that you are balding are a receding hairline, overall thinning, or crown hair loss. How people go bald can vary greatly. So one person may have a dramatic receding hairline, while someone else may only have crown hair loss.

The Norwood Scale is a commonly used system for tracking the different types of balding. The seven stages allow individuals and medical professionals to track and diagnose balding more accurately.

Causes of Baldness

The most common cause of balding is Androgenetic alopecia. People inherit it from their parents, which is why genetics and balding are commonly spoken about together. However, it isn’t the only cause.

You could be going bald due to a medical condition. Anything from surgery to a thyroid imbalance can cause your hair to thin. This type of balding can be tough to diagnose, as it can appear months after a medical event.

Finally, the source of your balding could be less common. Alopecia Areata is when the body attacks the hair follicles. With this condition, you would lose hair from more than just your head.

Scarring alopecia is another less common cause that comes from skin disorders. You may see scars on your skin if this is the cause.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

How you go about treating your hair loss will depend on the cause. If the cause of your balding is a medical condition, then speaking with your doctor is the best approach. They can treat underlying diseases and provide treatment that could help with balding.

If the cause of your balding is genetic, then you could consider mainstream balding treatments. This could be a topical application that you apply to your scalp.

A more advanced treatment option is hair transplant surgery. Moving hair from one area to another sounds intense, however, the hair transplant recovery time is relatively quick.

Understand Your Balding

If you ask, “Will I go bald if my dad is?” then you are probably already noticing the signs of going bald. While it can be easy to blame your father, this shouldn’t be the only cause you consider.

Thankfully, modern medicine has several treatments for baldness. Speaking with your doctor or hair transplant professionals can help you find a solution.

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