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Significance of Good Posture while Sleeping

Significance of Good Posture while Sleeping 

Everyone needs adequate sleep to function proactively for the rest of the day. It is essential to maintain a good sleeping position for better posture. Sleeping position affects the physiology of the human body. Individuals who sleep with poor posture are more likely to assert pressure on the muscles and ligaments.

The common causes of poor posture include:

  • Individuals with weak postural muscles due to obesity or other medical conditions suffer from poor sleep, which affects their mental health and overall functioning.
  • Women who wear high heels for most of the day have poor posture that can affect their sleep and health.
  • Pregnancy can cause the individual to suffer from stress and hormonal changes. The changes in the physique cause the mother to have poor sleeping posture.

 Sleeping Positions

Individuals with sleep apnea and asthma must slide a pillow between their legs and elevate their heads with a pillow, as it is the best sleeping position for better breathing.

  • Sleep on the Side: The adults who snore should opt to sleep on their sides. It helps clear the pass way. Also, it reduces snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Sleep on the Back: Sleeping straight on the back helps reduce the pressure on the arms and shoulders. It helps align the body and reduces stiffness from the neck and back. However, people with medical conditions should avoid sleeping straight, as it may worsen the symptoms. Individuals exhibiting signs of sleep apnea and GERD should avoid sleeping on their backs. Furthermore, pregnant women in their third trimester should be mindful of their sleep positions. Sleeping on the back increases the risk of stillbirth and related complications.
  • Prone Position: Sleeping on the stomach increases heart rate. Thus, individuals must elevate the stomach area to prevent asserting pressure on the legs and upper body.

Pillow Posture

Finding the appropriate pillow position helps the person have a good sleep. It helps reduce the pressure on the spine and arms.

better sleeping position. People should understand their sleeping position and invest in the pillow accordingly. The things that one should consider are:

  • Sleeping on the Back: The pillow should support the natural posture of the body. It should have space in the middle to help the individual elevate their body so that it does not assert pressure on the spine. It is better to avoid a foam pillow as the level may be higher, which affects sleep.
  • Sleeping on the Side: A thick pillow helps the individual have a better posture while sleeping on the side. The pillow between the arm and the ear helps reduce the pressure that can induce pain. Thus, using a foam or polyester pillow is helpful while sleeping on the side.
  • Sleeping on the Stomach: People who sleep on their stomachs should use a flat pillow. It should not elevate the head, as it may cause pain and discomfort.

People with medical conditions should be aware of better sleeping positions to enhance their physical and mental health. And you if you need help from a professional, you can visit and can browser through their 100s of certified mental health therapists that can help you get optimal sleeping expeirence.


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