Choosing the right GPS time clock app: X Tips for Construction Businesses

Every construction business needs to be properly managed to experience success. This all starts with the workers and their responsibilities, which is a huge task for the owner or manager.

Fortunately, we have the chance to use a construction GPS time clock app that provides us with accurate information about our employee’s activities their location, and the hours they are working. This makes these applications essential, and directly responsible for the success of the business.

In this article, we will give you some tips to correctly choose the right GPS time clock tool for your business. Keep reading and find out more.

Simple interface

The first thing you’d want to look for in the construction GPS time clock app for your firm is an interface that is simple enough for your needs. This means an ability to easily navigate through the program and use it without any obstructions.

As much as this is important to you as the person who will analyze the information, it has to be simple for the employees as well. Normally, you will provide training to teach them how to operate the app. However, an ability to easily log in and off is what makes one a great program.

Plethora of features

The next important thing is to look for a variety of features that you can use in managing your firm properly. This includes the Global Positioning System options where you can track the login of your employees and see whether they are in the right location. Also, you should be able to use your app’s Geofencing to limit the area from where your workers can log their hours.

Besides the GPS, you should look for general time clock features. This includes receiving a detailed spreadsheet of each employee’s hours, processing accurate payments, and tracking projects. Also, you should be able to create schedules and adjust the workforce to prevent overspending.

Ways to protect your firm

Time theft is something that hurts your company since you’ll be paying for hours that were not worked. That is why you need an app that offers multiple ways to protect your business from paying hours without a need.

For example, you should look for options like logging in by using a photo. With that, every time the worker comes to the construction site, they pull out their phone and take a photo. That way, you’ll know they are at the right sport and their hours are automatically valid.

In addition, there are options where they get to log in by using their digital signature. Also, you can always use the feature where you limit the IP addresses that can log into your application. Your employees can only clock in by using the device that is permitted which prevents clocking other workers.


Lastly, you’d want to consider the costs of the construction GPS time clock app you would choose. Normally, the more features there are, the more expensive the application can be, however, that is not always the case.

Prices are usually dependent on the number of employees as well as the package of services you select. Regardless of the choice, make sure you don’t compromise on essential features to save a small amount because it will usually cost you more.

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