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5 Simple Ways to Stop Menopause Weight Gain

5 Simple Ways to Stop Menopause Weight Gain 

Once you have entered your 40s or 50s, stopping weight gain is almost like an unachievable goal you constantly desire. Your body starts to experience natural hormonal changes, which result in weight gain., night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings. Menopause and weight gain are closely related, as during menopause, women generally gain weight because of a sudden drop in estrogen levels and metabolism. 

Although avoiding weight gain is a challenging task during menopause, there are some methods that, if applied rightly, can stop menopause from gaining weight. Today, this article will highlight the top 5 ways to prevent weight gain during menopause. Here we go! 

5 Simple Ways to Stop Menopause Weight Gain

1. Exercise More Often. 

To burn menopausal weight gain, start with mild to moderate exercises. You can also include aerobic activities such as swimming, walking, bicycling, and running to burn off fat or avoid accumulating it. Consider exercising for 30-45 minutes daily to see adequate results. 

2. Prioritize Standing Over Sitting. 

The more your body moves, the more fat it burns. Try standing while performing activities like reading newspapers, talking to someone, meeting, or doing everyday tasks. It not only burns calories but prevents other chronic health diseases. If your work includes a lot of sitting, try to take a short walk after every hour to avoid burnout.  

3. Watch your Carbohydrate Intake. 

Carbohydrates contribute primarily to weight gain; thus, check your carbohydrate intake. Therefore, avoid having carbs in your everyday diet. As carbs enter your body, they turn into sugar and increase weight. You can contact a dietitian to guide you in planning your carb intake. 

4. Join Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a famous Chinese mind and body exercise that includes deep breathing, movements, and meditation, which minimizes the chances of obesity. Women going through menopause can join tai chi classes and learn Tai Chi, which prevents various health conditions and keeps their weight in control. 

5. Eat in Small Portions. 

Eating in small portions is another excellent tip to stop menopause weight gain. As you hit menopause, your metabolism slows down, which means it takes a few days to burn hundreds of calories. It means if you start eating in small portions, it increases the chances of weight loss and stops menopause weight gain. 

Wrapping Up!

Menopause is a natural condition that women over 50 years experience. Women do not go 12 months without a menstruation cycle in this condition. Since your body undergoes several hormonal changes, weight gain is typical. By following these simple five steps, it is easier to avoid menopause weight gain.

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