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Home-Made Pottery Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Home-Made Pottery Tips and Tricks That You Should Know 

Crafting home-made pottery is a hobby that many people find to be fun and rewarding. The good part is that anyone can enjoy doing this, especially after learning how it is done. 

Regardless of your skills in home-made pottery, there are tips and tricks that you should follow to enjoy the hobby. 

Home-made pottery is an art that requires creativity to make various items such as ceramic dinnerware and butter dishes, egg holders, flower pots and vases, and art items among others. If you follow the tips and tricks we will share below, you will have an easy time with home-made pottery.

Invest in Good Pottery Tools 

Having the right tools is essential for home-made pottery regardless of what you intend to make. The basic home-made pottery tool kit should include a pottery wheel, clay cutting and molding tools, a work surface, and a kiln. 

Although you can do without a home-made pottery wheel, it is one of the best tools to make symmetrical and evenly shaped items. Additionally, it makes the work easier, especially for beginners. If you want to make home-made pottery that is on the next level, buy a basic pottery kit, a good pottery wheel, and anything else that is helpful.

Buy the Appropriate Clay for Home-Made Pottery

Now that you have the right tools for home-made pottery, you should buy the appropriate clay. Fortunately, this is something you can buy from the store every time you want to make items. Clay types differ, and each has its own unique properties. 

Some clay types are more plastic; hence, they are easy to use and best suited for beginners. Others are more porous and recommended for seasoned makers. The latter is also great for anyone using a pottery shop such as Supper Club in Massachusetts where they can get professional assistance. For those new to making pottery, a beginner-friendly clay is the best for any pottery project.

Before You Start, Understand Glazes 

A glaze is a liquid coating used in home-made pottery to give items a textured finish before they are put in a kiln. Glazes create different textures on items, from glossy and smooth to rough and textured. 

Today, many types of glazes are available at pottery shops, so take your time to research and understand how they are used and the final effect they give before trying them. If you are not sure, you can follow experienced pottery makers on social media or video streaming websites to understand more.

You Can Buy an Affordable Kiln

A kiln is used to fire pottery items to give them the final hardness after they have dried naturally. For home-made pottery, you can use a small and affordable kiln that is fit for the job. Luckily, online web shops are all over these days and offer amazing kilns.

You can either choose a coal kiln or an electric one depending on what you prefer. The latter is a perfect choice for anyone because it has different settings, and it is generally easier to work with.

Practice Making Home-Made Pottery Patiently 

Home-made pottery is an art that you cannot master with the first attempt. You must practice and be patient about your mistakes. You need to work more with clay to become comfortable and confident with it and the tools. Sometimes, you will make mistakes in the shape, heating time, and the like. All this is part of learning. 

The best thing is to start by making simple items such as plates, butter dishes, and bowls before you graduate to complicated items such as vases and pots. The more you do this, the better you will become, and eventually, you will be a great maker.

Invite Someone with the Same Interest

If you have set up a complete home-made pottery station, you can invite someone with the same interest to practice with you. Whether they are also beginners or seasoned, teaming up improves how you learn and become better at home-made pottery.

The easiest way to find someone who is interested in making pottery is by joining groups and communities related to this. There, you will network with a lot of people.


There are numerous tips and tricks you can use to succeed in home-made pottery. The ones we have shared above will perfectly suit you in getting started. All you need is to follow them to the letter and get down to making pottery whenever you are free. 

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