7 Rules of Wearing Essentials Tracksuit in Public

What is an essential tracksuit?

It is a type of essential clothing that consists of two parts. A jacket with front zip and a trouser. For competition of athletes and for other sports the essentials tracksuit were mainly made. Now people wear it in everyday life. The tracksuits were manufactured by a mix of polyester and cellulose triacetate.

This makes them shiny from inside and with a combination of different colors. It can be worn easily without any essential clothing undergarments as it has a mesh interior. For the sessions of physical exercise many people prefer to wear it. The tracksuit also keeps the body warm. That is the reason it is also called warm-up suits.

7 rules of wearing essentials tracksuit in public

There are some rules for wearing essentials tracksuit in public

Rule 1: Get athletic tracksuit

Not all Essentials tracksuit is made equally. Some of the styles only look cool. For example the adidas tracksuits are fitted and same as the jeans they run down your leg. They get the personality with the classic triple stripes on the side.

Rule 2: Choose the right color

The basic colors are blue and black. With most shoes and essentials clothing shirts they get matched. The main thing is not much attention should be drawn to the fact that you are wearing tracksuits.

Rule 3: Don’t wear them anywhere that serves a full meal.

If you are going to dine out you should make an effort. You should not wear these casual essentials tracksuit. The basic rule applies if you are not even eating. The tracksuits are approved if after the workout you go to Starbucks or to the smoothie stores for a drink.

Rule 4: Anywhere else, apply the 30-minute rule

If one task you are committing more than half an hour then you should not wear essentials tracksuits. To just one thing you are dedicating a precious time of yours whether it’s shopping or meeting friends. Those 30 mins are a notable part of your day. That time shouldn’t be spent in tracksuits.

Rule 5: Athleisure wear counts as tracksuits

The essentials clothing leggings and yoga pants are included in tracksuits and just because they have funny names doesn’t mean they are different. The same rules also allow these as they also play an important part in tracksuits.

Rule 6: Tracksuits are ok to be used for playing sports

The tracksuits are made to keep the body warm and to sweat in them. This means they are perfect to be worn for jumping, running, walking in the park, working out in the gym, playing football or basketball etc. This does not mean they are good for all sports. For going to Knicks or super bowl parties the essentials tracksuits should not be worn.

Rule 7: Don’t get brand happy

The essential clothing of the same brand should not be worn at the same time. Otherwise Essentials hoodie territory is approached by you. If you are not a known personality, you don’t have to wear the essentials of a single brand. Until and unless you are paid for it. For example you should not wear all the clothing off Adidas at once or else you will look like walking taking Adidas billboard.

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