Why Are Paper Cores a Reliable Material

Paper cores are cylindrical tubes used to store, transport, and protect various materials, including artwork, tapes, and textiles. Due to their reliability, they’re applicable in multiple industries, such as the packaging and printing industries.  Here’s why paper tubes are a reliable material.


A paper core is built to last, even in harsh environments. High-quality tubes can withstand exposure to humidity, moisture, and other environmental factors without getting damaged. This makes them ideal for protecting sensitive and valuable materials like maps and artwork.

Paper cores are durable because they’re made from long-lasting materials. Manufacturers make paper tubes by winding various layers of paperboard or kraft paper. They may coat the cores with moisture-resistant materials like plastic or wax to prevent moisture absorption. If your items can be damaged by water or other liquids, these moisture-resistant cores will help protect them.


Paper tubes are designed to support the weight of the materials wound around them. While items like paper can have a thinner tube, a tube meant to support heavy items like wine bottles are built stronger and thicker. Manufacturers wind more paperboard or kraft paper layers together when manufacturing cores for heavy items. The more layers created, the thicker and stronger a tube can be. Such cores can handle a significant amount of weight without breaking or collapsing.


Manufacturers can cut, trim, and shape paper tubes to meet clients’ requirements. This makes them a versatile material that can be used for all your shipping and storage needs. Ask a manufacturer to cut your cores to different lengths if you are for products of various sizes. You can also ask for special features like perforations or notches to make it easier for you to dispense or handle materials.

The cores can also be printed with logos or other company information. This can be an excellent marketing strategy and help you distinguish your products.


Paper cores are made from renewable resources. Some manufacturers use recycled paper that would otherwise end up in landfills. The tubes can also be recycled into new paper products like cardboard boxes or used for composting as they’re biodegradable. This makes them an environmentally friendly option, ideal for businesses looking to increase their sustainability efforts.


Pape cores are less expensive than other materials used in core manufacturing, like metal. This makes them a great option for businesses on a tight budget. The cores are also lightweight, which makes them easier to handle and transport. This can reduce your shipping costs.


Paper tubes can be produced quickly and in large quantities, as they don’t require specialized materials. You can easily obtain the cores you need to keep your operations running.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paper Cores

Be careful when choosing the size of your paper core to make sure it fits whatever you’re storing or transporting. The diameter of your paper tubes should match the diameters of your items to prevent them from shifting or slipping. Your paper core should also match your item’s length to provide sufficient support and stability. The wall thickness of your paper core should also be appropriate for the stiffness and weight of the item you want to store. Thicker walls are suitable for heavy-duty applications as they can offer greater stability.

Consider a paper core’s coating and adhesive to make sure it fits your purpose. Coatings and adhesives can provide additional protection to paper tubes. Common coatings you may come across are abrasion-resistant, moisture-resistant, and oil and grease-resistant coatings. Choose one based on the elements which your items may be exposed. Oil and grease-resistant tubes may be ideal for restaurants, while abrasion coating is good for industrial businesses that are more prone to heat and corrosion.

You may also come across cores with water-based or solvent-based adhesives. Water-based adhesives are more environmentally friendly, whereas solvent-based adhesives are more durable. A water-based adhesive can be a suitable choice if you’re committed to eco-friendliness and are looking for a short-term solution.  A solvent-based adhesive may be ideal if you need a long-lasting solution.

Paper Cores Are a Reliable Material

Paper cores are ideal for transporting or storing items in numerous industries, including the food and beverage and construction industries. They’re highly customizable, durable, and strong. These properties make them ideal for both lightweight and heavy-duty tasks.

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