When’s the Best Time to Travel to Belgium?

If we said “Belgium,” what would you think of? Most likely, you’ll conjure up pleasant thoughts of Belgian chocolates, which are unrivaled.

This is enough to motivate you to travel to Belgium. But the country is so much more than that; it has gorgeous canal scenes, rich history, and delicious food. Needless to say, the nation offers an unforgettable travel experience.

If you’re now interested in traveling to Belgium, then keep reading. Here are the best times to visit this country based on your preferences.

Good Weather

In general, there’s pleasant weather during every season besides winter. The wintertime can be chilly and wet, and it even snows sometimes, so you’ll have to pack extra clothes and gear. However, there are Christmas markets, which can be romantic and cozy.

Otherwise, summer is the best time to visit for good weather, as it’s nice and warm. But these are peak tourist months, so you might find it a bit crowded.

For something in the middle, visit during spring or fall. The days are milder, and the nights are cooler, but it’s worth it since the crowds are thinner and the prices are lower too.

The above two seasons are great for seeing the outdoors as well. In the spring, you’ll find blooming flowers and vibrant gardens, while in the fall, you’ll view colorful autumn foliage.


Truthfully, events happen all year long in Belgium, so there’s an excellent chance that no matter when you go on a trip, it’ll coincide with something big.

Here are the biggest things you should keep an eye out for Belgium travel:

  • Bruges Beer Festival: January or February
  • Salon Du Chocolat: February
  • Easter: April
  • Brussels International Film Festival: April
  • Ghent Festival: July
  • Film Fest Ghent: October

Hustle and Bustle

If you’re someone who enjoys a lively atmosphere, then summer is definitely the season to explore Belgium. Not only are there many festivals, events, and outdoor activities, but the days are longer, and the weather’s better, so you can spend your time outside more.

Walking along the Belgian streets alongside other visitors can be fun too. It’s much more atmospheric than strolling empty streets that feel abandoned.

If you find Belgium so fun that you want to move there, then visit this page for more information.

Travel to Belgium and Have Fun

Whether you’ve never been overseas or you’ve already seen much of Europe, we promise that travel to Belgium will be life-changing. It’s a small country, but it has so much to offer!

Now that you know when the best times to visit are based on different factors, you can plan your trip much more efficiently. And as a result, you’ll create an optimized experience that’s more likely to be pleasant and memorable.

If you want to travel to Europe, then check out the rest of our blog page for more info.

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