What weight bowling ball is best for a hook?

Bowling is one of the most widely played games in the world. Many people took bowling as their passion in their spare time. Some people only play this game just for fun while some took it so seriously that they are always looking for techniques and things to enhance their bowling skills. Do you want to adopt your bowling passion professionally or locally in leagues? If yes, then this article is for you. You should be aware of the fact that “what weight bowling ball is best for the hook.” Read this article from start to end to know further about it. First, beginners should know about the technique of “Hooking a Bowling Ball.”

Hooking a Bowling Ball

Players used a technique in bowling by which they make the ball spin sideways to move in down the lane in direction of pins. It is a famous or practical technique because it makes the ball likely to knock the pins. For hooking the bowling ball, the player needs to grasp the ball in the right direction and discharge it at an angle that could knock the pins. It let the ball spin in the shape of an arc and the spin keeps it moving in the arc, keeps it in as a curve, and lets it knock the pins. The affecting factors are the speed, ball-discharging point, and how much the ball hooks. A bowler who wants to be professional adopts this technique and practices it to be an expert of this technique.

What weight bowling ball is best for a hook?

A variety of bowling balls and bowling accessories are available in the market and players can choose a bowling ball that suits their style. The bowling balls are available commonly in between 6 and 16 pounds weight.

According to the general rule, the best bowling ball for hook should be 10% of the body weight of the player or in general, it should be 160 pounds. For example, if your body weight is 200 pounds and you use a bowling ball of 8 pounds then it might feel too light to you. According to the general weight of adults, they should use a bowling ball of 14 to 16 pounds.

Not only player’s body weight affect the weight of the bowling ball, but some other factors also have a serious impact such as if the player had a contemporary injury on the arm or the back, he/she should ensure that they feel comfy when they bowl instead of using a too much heavy bowling ball.

What weight of bowling ball should novice players use?

Usually, novice players or beginners ought to use a bowling ball with a weight of 12 to 15 pounds. The novice players should select the ball according to their physical strength and should ensure that they are comfortable with the ball. The heavy balls are better but for professionals, not for beginners because it can be hard for them to handle it, especially if they are not fit.

What weight of bowling ball should kids use?

Some people started to train their children to bowl from their childhood. Therefore, they should know that a light weighted ball is better for their kids. Kids that are below five years should avoid using the bowling ball weighing above 6 pounds though the kids who are above 5 years can use the bowling ball that weighs 8 to 10 pounds.

What weight of bowling balls women players should use?

Usually, the heavy ball is more beneficial for hooking the ball, so a good bowling ball weight for hooking is 16 pounds but women should ensure that they feel comfortable with it. A heavy ball can cause severe wrist injury.

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