What the New FI-8170 Scanner Can Do for You

Are you currently looking for a scanner that can handle all your daily scanning needs with ease while you focus on other critical business operations? If you’re still using an outdated scanner, it’s time to look for a model that’s capable of handling the needs of your business. The new FI-8170 scanner is an exceptional option for many business owners. It’s versatile, has clear image capture capabilities, and is made specifically for demanding workflows. Here’s what this leading-edge scanner can do for you.

Increasing Your Workflow

Some business owners outsource their data digitization needs because their scanners can’t handle their demanding daily needs. But you can have a highly capable data digitization service right at your fingertips with a Fujitsu FI-870 scanner. This scanner can drastically increase your workflow thanks to its many features and capabilities, which include:

  • Rapid, double-sided scanning
  • Scanning capability of up to 70 pages per minute
  • Scans documents up to 7 mm
  • Can ensure uninterrupted workflows thanks to its industry-level strength and reliability
  • Features a 100-page automatic feeder with an exit stacker design

This scanner also helps you avoid unwanted downtime by using image monitoring and intelligent paper protection to prevent paper jams. Too many scanners are unreliable and frequently jam, which can reduce your workflow by forcing you to spend valuable time clearing up frequent paper jams. You won’t need to worry about this when you use the FI-8170 scanner.

Digitizing Documents Quickly

When you use a large format scanner like the FI-8170, you can digitize a wide variety of documents quickly and effortlessly. While many scanners can only handle standard paper sizes, a large format model can handle wide or long documents as well. So, whether you need to scan banners, legal documents or newspaper sheets, this is the type of scanner you should select.

Digitizing documents is something more business owners are finding value in doing. While there may be some documents you always want to keep hard copies of, most of the documents you regularly create or encounter can probably be safely stored in a digital format. Doing so can help you reduce storage space and preserve historical documents without worrying about them becoming wrinkled or damage.

Digitizing your documents is also a protective method that can prevent the total loss of those documents. If your physical office building were to burn down, you’d want to have digital copies of all your document so they aren’t lost forever. The FI-8170 scanner is a great solution for your document digitizing needs.

Superior Image Quality

How much time do you currently waste trying to read fuzzy documents that were digitized using a low-quality scanner? If you upgrade to the FI-8170, you won’t need to worry about deciphering blurry images anymore. The scanner uses Clear Image Capture technology to ensure your digitized documents are always clear and easy to read.

Stop wasting your time with a scanner that’s no longer capable of meeting your business needs. Invest in the FI-8170 or similar scanner models and discover the many ways they can make your daily workload easier.

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