What is a proxy in CCNA exam meaning?

What is a proxy in CCNA exam meaning?

It is Indirect access (network connections) to other network services provided by a server or computer. When a client requests a network connection, the client sends a request, and the proxy server fulfills the request using information from its cache.

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Summary of the Exam

100% passing of these exams

  • 700-760

Account Managers’ Guide to Cisco Security

  • 700-765

For System Engineers: Cisco Security Architecture

How to Pass the SPOTO Proxy Service Exams 700-760 and 700-765?

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  1. Windows 10 must be installed on the PC or laptop
  2. No corporate firewall is enabled on the computer or laptop.
  3. PC/Laptop: You’ll need a camera and a microphone.
  4. The candidate must be able to sit through the entire exam while appearing to be taking it.
  5. 30 minutes before to the start of the exam, you must be able to enter.
  6. At the mutually agreed-upon time, the exam slot will be reserved.

Things to Keep in Mind

Unless you’ve arranged the test,

  • There are SPOTO transfer costs (Must be COMPLETED, and the cost not included the exam fee)
  • Download and test the specific software on your PC.
  • Discuss the exam date with the instructor.
  • Our instructor will help you remotely and during exam to take questions.
  1. Should you have scheduled the exam

Please let us know the time and place of your exam and work out a date with the teacher. The subsequent issues will be handled for you by our teachers.


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