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What Are the Different Types of Corporate Events?

Have you ever wondered what types of corporate events are out there?

It’s one way to engage with different companies, teams, and customers. But the key to maximizing it is knowing the right event to host. So, here’s a look at different corporate events to guide your plans. Let’s start!


Conferences are one of the most productive types of corporate events. It aims to help you connect with your target audience and provide information about or related to your products and services. At the same time, you can grow your network by engaging with other brands, influencers, and businesses at the event.

Trade Show

If you need to plan an event to showcase products, consider hosting a trade show with other companies. It’s a good place to start if you’re a startup with soon-to-launch products. You get to connect with other brands and interact with your target market. If you plan one outdoors, consider adding portable toilets in the event space. You can also hire porta potty waste removal services for the post-event cleanup.

Product Launch

A product launch is similar to a trade show but focuses on only one company’s products instead of a variety. Usually, the attendees include stakeholders, clients, and the media.It comes with fewer festivities than a trade show but still presents the same purpose. You can think of them as business events that expand brand awareness to different audiences.

Shareholder Meeting

You can host a shareholder meeting to present or update shareholders on your company’s operations, strategies, and goals. The scale varies on how many people or companies you invite, so it’s best to be sure about your attendees for a successful event.

Award Ceremony

If you’re thinking of event ideas to boost employee morale, you can start with a company award ceremony. It can also include suppliers, stakeholders, and others. Think of it as a time to showcase employee appreciation and establish a better foundation for the business.

Company Retreat

Many companies host retreats to build employee relationships and collaboration. It usually involves activities that promote team building and casual interaction. When planning an event like this, you want to have a fixed goal of what you want to achieve when you get back to work. It could be more teamwork, better performance, and more.


Corporate event planning can also involve non-business organizations, like charities and nonprofits. Fundraisers are a popular choice when you collaborate with them. A few event ideas you can consider include auctions, raffles, tournaments, online streams, concerts, and more.


Conventions and conferences have similar goals but have different requirements and structures. In a convention, you engage with delegates and representatives to contribute to the event. Most of the time, conventions are also member-based. So, you have to go through a specific process before being able to attend.

Make Perfect Plans by Learning the Types of Corporate Events

It’s easier to decide what to host based on your company’s needs if you know the types of corporate events. At the same time, it helps you choose which you should attend. This way, you make the most of the exposure from each event.

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