Top Quality Tonneau Covers for Spring, 2023

If there is one truck accessory that is always popular with owners no matter what type of truck they have and what type of work it’s used to do, that accessory is probably the tonneau cover. Tonneaus have dominated the landscape for truck bed storage and security for a couple decades, supplanting other options like camper shells by providing several different ways to cover and secure your cargo.

Before looking at brands, it helps to narrow down the type of tonneau you want, because that will let you instantly bypass options that aren’t a great fit for your current needs. If you’re wondering what those options are, here are the major classes of tonneau design:

  • Hinged, single-piece hard-tops
  • Rolling covers
  • Folding multi-panel covers
  • Soft or snap in place covers
  • Hybrid designs

You’ll find a lot of variety within these groups, especially when it comes to rolling designs, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to keep your cargo safe from the elements, so you don’t have to worry about rain and snow getting in the bed and ruining groceries or other sensitive items.

Tonno Pro

One of the nice parts about shopping for a Tonno Pro tonneau cover is the choice of design styles. Where some manufacturers focus on one type of tonneau, like a folding design or several types of roll-ups, Tonno Pro has options for practically any style. Soft top designs include roll-up options, tri-fold soft tonneau, and even a single-piece basic soft cover. You’ll find that most of this brand’s soft tonneau options are priced accessibly, with top end costs around $300

Hard tonneau designs are about twice as expensive, which is par for the course with this type of product, and include folding tonneau designs that are more secure and sturdier than your average soft cover. Keep that in mind as you shop for your best option.


If you want high quality design in hard and soft options, then you’re going to want to check out what you can do with a TrailFX tonneau cover. This brand’s build design is based around single-piece covers for the most part, and their offerings incorporate state of the art materials for both hard and soft-top designs. With a mid-level price point, that makes TrailFX an easy investment for a driver looking to try out a tonneau for the first time.

LEER Tonneau Covers

If you want the widest selection of designs possible, LEER is a great choice. This manufacturer is well-known for providing quality accessories in every niche, and the LEER tonneau cover is no exception. You’ll find everything from standard soft and hard designs that include trifolds and roll-ups at accessible price points, but you’ll also find high-end options like automatic roll-ups with electronic controls that make things easy for everyone. Out of the three top tonneau brands featured here, LEER has the highest price point on top-end models, but those designs also have the most options. If you’re looking for a truly luxury experience, it’s worth keeping that in mind

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