Top 6 Car Producers in the World

The automotive industry is global. This is because the cars are not manufactured in one country. Spare parts of the car are made in one country whereas they are assembled in another country. You must be wondering how the coordination among the countries is done because in each country a different language is spoken. The coordination among the country is done through professional business translation services.


Thanks to the internet and translation services that have made communication across borders easy. Whether you are dealing with the automotive industry or e-commerce, you can easily communicate your message to the stakeholders with the assistance of business translation services

The Decline in Automotive Production 

The automotive industry has gone through a decline in 2020 because of the economic crises that prevailed around the world due to the pandemic. The data which is collected from Jan 2022 till Sep 2022 showed a great decrease in automotive production. 

Let’s have a look at the countries that produce cars in the world. 



Do you know that China is one of the biggest manufacturers of cars in the world? If we see the record of the 2019 production then we will come to know that China has produced 26 million motor vehicles and 28% of cars and trucks in that year. China’s automotive production shows that it produced 83% of cars for the personal use of people. Whereas, it produced 4.3 million cars for commercial purposes. SAIC Motor Corporation Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of vehicles in China.


The cars manufactured in China are very much papular in developing countries. These cars are fuel efficient and are designed according to the infrastructure of developing countries. The user manual of the cars is mostly in English and Chinese language. To understand the car manual in your native language, you must take the assistance of automotive translation services.


United States of America 

The United States produced 11 million trucks and cars in 2019. But at present, it is the second-largest car manufacturer in the world with 12% of the market share. The USA produces double the number of commercial vehicles than any other country and the production of passenger cars is less than Japan and Germany. 


The top-notch automotive companies in the world like General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company, and Toyota Motor Corporation are working in the United States. The best-selling car brand in 2021 is Toyota in the USA. GM is the automobile manufacturer with the highest share in the US market.


Although different automakers start their car manufacturing in America you won’t find any vehicle that is 100% made in America. They outsource car production in different countries. Distinct languages are spoken in different countries. Therefore, in the out-sourcing process, they have to take the assistance of an automotive translation company for smooth production and manufacturing of the cars. 



In Japan, automotive manufacturers produce cars domestically and overseas. Here the important thing to note is that overseas automobile factories have a higher level of production than domestic production. It makes Asia, the largest production region. In Japan, automotive manufacturing factories are present along the East coast in Aichi Prefecture.  Aichi Prefecture is an integral part of Japan,s manufacturing and technological development. Toyota Motors’ headquarter is also located in Aichi Prefecture. 


The automotive industry employs thousands of people. To deal with the diverse workforce, the automotive industry in Japan must take the assistance of professional translation company so that they keep on producing automobiles with cutting-edge technology. 



Do you know that Germany is renowned for its outstanding automotive industry and excellence in engineering? People from Asia to America enjoy high-quality German cars. German cars are designed well, reliable and safe to use. The German automobile market is automobile leading production and sales market in the world. In 2021, Germany has exported 2.37 million cars. People take the assistance of  to know the specifications of German cars in their native language. These translation services help consumers to decide which car to buy.



India is a developing country. The performance of automobile companies in India is outstanding. This shows how well the economy of this developing country is performing. The automobile sector in India is playing a pivotal role in technological advancements and macroeconomic expansion. 


Two-wheelers car dominates the Indian market because youth and middle-class people can use them easily. Many companies are taking interest in exploring the rural markets so that the automotive sector in the country goes more. Due to the increase in the population, the demand for passenger transportation is increasing. Thus increasing the demand for commercial vehicles. The automotive industry provides a massive opportunity for companies that want to invest in the automobile sector in India. 


Do you know that Mexico is the seventh-largest global passenger vehicle manufacturer in the world? It produces three million vehicles annually. Mexico export 90% of the vehicles. Out of this number, 76 percent is exported to the USA. The automotive companies that are working in Mexico are Baic Group, Audi, Stallantis, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, and Volkswagen.

Wrapping Up 

The global market for automotive manufacturing was estimated at $2.9 trillion in 2022 and this industry is growing. If you want to invest in the automotive industry then do opt for the top 6 automotive producers in the world. 


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