Top 5 Way To Reduce Distractions Working From Home

If you’re new to working and living under the same roof, you may find yourself easily falling prey to a different set of distractions than ones you’ve encountered in a traditional workspace. From choosing the right office area to picking the perfect Zoom virtual office background, here are the top five ways to stay focused when working from home.

Choosing the Right Space

Ideally, you’ll work in a room reserved only for your job, with a closeable door to block out distractions. If you must do your job in a multi-purpose area, pick a spot that’s relatively quiet and away from family traffic. Note that experts advise against working from your bedroom, as it may disrupt your sleep patterns.

Decorating Your Home Office

It may seem counterintuitive, but bare walls and dull surroundings often make people fidgety and prone to distraction. Having functional and attractive design elements around you is more comfortable and leads to greater productivity. Just as you would in a traditional workspace, incorporate favorite trinkets and family photos into your home office to give the area a warm and personal touch.

Equipping Your Space

Ensure you have everything you need for work within reach to avoid disruptions and distractions. For instance, even if you have a multi-function printer at home for family use, invest in a dedicated device for your home office so you don’t have to walk away from your desk each time you print, scan, or fax something. You may even find it helpful to have a coffeemaker or mini fridge in your work area so you’re less tempted to stray.

Creating a Transitional Routine

When you work where you live, it can be hard to get into the job mindset at the start of your day and to leave work behind once your workday has ended. Transitional actions, such as switching your sweatshirt for a blazer or your slippers for business shoes, signal your mind that it’s time to buckle down, as does swapping your laptop backdrop screen to a professional image. Flipping the switch from your wild vacation photos to a minimalist Zoom background puts you into work mode, while changing back at the end of the day helps you transition back into home life.

Resisting the Temptation To Do Housework

Most jobs require some degree of multitasking, but attempting to blend home tasks with work tasks is a recipe for distracting disaster. Rather than jump from your desk to the laundry room to the kitchen sink throughout the day, define specific hours you’ll devote to home duties and work projects, and then stick to them. That way everything on your plate gets the attention it deserves at the appropriate time.

Now that you’ve got some tips for minimizing distractions when working from home, it’s time to set yourself up for optimal productivity. To find the best office zoom backgrounds, free or low-cost, browse the design options available from one of the web’s top virtual meeting tool developers. With the right environment, you’ll keep your focus where you need it during your workday.

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