Three Effective and Timesaving Tips for a Horse Barn Maintenance

Taking care of a barn filled with horses can sound scary, yet people in the world execute this seemingly impossible talk daily. A horse owner knows what it’s like to love and care for mighty horses and ensure their well-being.

Every horse owner knows what they are getting into. From booming to cleaning the floor and filling buckets, the life of a barn owner can be very challenging. It can be an overwhelming task to maintain a barn and keep it secure in different weather conditions.

Barn maintenance is essential as it adds value to your land and keeps your animal friends safe. However, weather conditions and animal commotion can take a toll on your structure, and it may need maintenance from time to time.

If you see signs of damage in your barn or want to ensure the safety of your barn animals, here are a few tips that can make this process easier for you.

1.    Clean the Stalls

Cleaning the stalls is not just about improving your barn’s appearance. Cleanliness can also help you ensure the health of your barn animals. However, everyone does not have the time to wield a pitchfork all day. Every barn owner needs to work smart, not hard.

Instead of focusing on cleaning all day, try switching to a deep litter system. Ben on shavings can help you establish a deep and warm bed for your horses and reduce your daily labor. All you will have to do is remove visible piles of manure and get rid of the wet spots.

If you are still relying on just a heavy pitchfork and wheelbarrow, it cannot be enough to help keep your stalls clean. Instead, try multi-tined forks to help you do more in less time and with less energy.

Do not forget to use mats and grids in your barn’s entrance to prevent the manure and dirt from dispersing everywhere.

2.    Check Siding

If you have barn star decor on your barn and use other decorative materials, it can make your barn look livelier. But its health is as important as its looks. For most barn owners, the roof is their primary concern as it faces the sun and rain directly.

However, if you forget about your siding, you can put your whole barn at risk. If your area faces high winds, or if you are fond of mowing the lawn, your siding may get damaged by the impact of wind or shooting pebbles. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on your siding.

Make sure that you examine your siding for damage. If you see small cracks, you can fill them up with caulk. However, you may consider contacting a siding specialist if the damage is significant.

3.    Clear the Gutters

Your barn must have gutters if you live in an area where rain, storms, and snow are expected. Gutters act as the breathing system of a roof. If the gutters get blocked, they can cause significant damage to the top and walls of your barn.

Therefore, barn owners must check gutters for clogging a year thrice to ensure that the drains are functioning smoothly. If you see a clog, grab a rake to remove debris and dead leaves to let water flow smoothly.


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