The Best Tips on How to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

Did you know that high temperatures and winds fuel the current and predicted explosive wildfire outbreaks? And for those people who stay home during these outbreaks, there are things you can do to stay mentally stimulated.

One of these activities is lighting a candle to bring some light to the home. However, you’re out of lighters. How do you light home candles when you’re out of lighters?

We got you covered. Here are the best tips on how to light a candle without a lighter.

Let’s get into it!

Box of Matches

One of the best tips on how to light a candle without a lighter is to use a box of matches. If you have a box of matches, you can simply select one and strike it against the side of the box. This will release the spark at the end of the match, which can easily light the candle wick.

This doesn’t require a lot of skill or experience to do, and even a beginner can learn this very quickly. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel because all you need is the striker on the side of the box.

Use The Stove

Using the stove is a great way to light a candle without using a lighter. Be sure to keep your hands and face away from the open flame.

When the candle has melted to the desired length, take a long match and light the sides of the candle until it catches fire completely. Be sure to blow out the flame after the candle is burning.

Magnifying Lens

Using a magnifying lens to light a candle is one of the best ways to accomplish the task without having to use a lighter. It is important to find a magnifying lens that is strong enough and large enough to concentrate a sufficient amount of sunlight onto the head of the candle.

Position the lens at a distance of at least a few feet away from the candle and carefully aim the focused point of sunlight at the head of the candle. With some patience, the head of the candle should eventually light up. Finally, keep the lens pointed at the wick until the flame is large and stable enough to remain lit.

Battery and Foil

A truly useful way to light a home candle without a lighter is to utilize a battery and some aluminum foil. To do this properly, take some relatively thin aluminum foil and fold it several times into a strip that’s roughly an inch wide and five inches long.

This method is popular because proponents don’t need to have a match or even use an open flame, making it a safe and convenient option for lighting a candle.

To use this method, press the foil against the negative side of the battery and the positive side on the wick of the candle. Consider using these scented candles for sale when you do this method for the best results.

Best Tips on How to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

How to light a candle without a lighter? By following these tips, always make sure to use a safety-approved method, such as using a match, tin foil, or a magnifying glass, and stay away from unsafe DIY methods.

Trust that with some patience and practice, lighting candles without a lighter is possible. Get creative and give it a try!

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