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The Benefits of Sacramento Corporate Housing for Business Travelers

The Benefits of Sacramento Corporate Housing for Business Travelers 


Traveling to Sacramento, California on business? Lucky you!

Throughout the Sacramento region and beyond, vineyards stretch across rolling hills, and flat lands with neatly lined orchards grow nuts, apples, citrus, and all sorts of produce.

All these elements lend themselves perfectly to bustling farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, and wine tasting excursions that – even before you’ve swirled and sipped your first red – make you feel like you’ve been transported over to somewhere in Europe.

Prefer the fresh air? Visitors who love the outdoors get to experience every ecosystem: ocean, mountains, and desert, all within a 2-hour radius.

That’s if you can get yourself to leave the Sacramento area. As the state capitol, there’s always something going on.

To maximize your time in the river city, we’ve put together a guide highlighting all the benefits of Sacramento corporate housing. Both for business travelers, and those relocating here temporarily as part of the nomadic workforce.

Endless Options

From fully-furnished modern loft apartments, to studios, villas and homes, Sacramento has it.

To a degree, the city is sectioned off according to business sector, and it’s beneficial to narrow down the area you’ll be working in according to your worksite before initiating your housing search. This super helpful article covers some of the main industries in Sacramento including where they’re located, and more.

When you know where to look and what your ideal housing situation is, it makes searching much easier. Whether it’s you doing the searching, or someone you’ve enlisted to help – such as Travelers Haven – a company that finds corporate lodging for you, for free.

Those who get a kick out of architecture will love the diversity of Sacramento buildings.

If you’re seduced by simplicity and clean lines that make up a modern look, you get that as well.

 Perfect Location

Because Sacramento is a frequent business travel destination, it caters to a wide range of visitors. No matter where you’ll be working or conducting business, there’s corporate housing located throughout the Sacramento area and into the suburbs beyond.

The midtown and downtown areas are very walkable. Grab a coffee and stroll down the tree-lined sidewalks through the leafy neighborhoods and grassy parks. The houses in these areas are generally an interesting mix of unique old Victorian and Colonial Revival architecture, as well as the modern minimalistic builds.

The American River bike path follows the twists and turns of the American River for 32 miles, all the way from Discovery Park in Old Sacramento to Folsom and beyond.

Finding corporate lodging near this trail system is pretty easy, and an excellent way to incorporate nature into your stay. It’s a great way to explore for those who love walking, jogging, and biking.

Sacramento is a fast-growing city, and additional lanes are continuously being added to the major interstates to accommodate the influx of traffic. While rush hour does see some congestion, it’s still pretty easy for those who have a vehicle to get around, and access to the Sacramento region and beyond is pretty straightforward.

One of the aforementioned benefits of corporate housing in Sacramento is the close proximity to skiing, recreating in the mountains by Lake Tahoe, or spending a day at the coast enjoying a stroll down the beach and a steaming plate of fresh piping hot fish and chips.

Beautiful Weather

With an average of 269 sunny days per year, the weather here is designed to give you ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, with a couple rainy moody days to get cozy with a book and an extra cup of coffee or tea.

For business travelers who enjoy the outdoors, Sacramento provides both the perfect setting and ideal weather.

And in those summer days when the temps soar, the nearby coast and mountains offer respite, as do the many lakes, rivers, and swimming pools.

Easily Entertained

No matter where you choose to stay, there’s guaranteed entertainment nearby. The city itself is one place you’ll find it, but the surrounding suburbs have a few surprises of their own.

Venture into Old Folsom and stroll the wooden planked walkway outside historic two-story gold rush era buildings. Settle in for a burger and fries, and then walk the Johnny Cash Trail which winds through residential areas and grazing pastures toward the infamous prison.

Head toward the foothills, and enjoy old-time gold rush towns such as Placerville, Nevada City, and Auburn.

No matter which way you turn, know that there’s art, music, entertainment, history, and incredible restaurants just around the corner.


There are many benefits to corporate housing in Sacramento, from the size and variety of homes available to their location within the city and beyond.

Those who come to Sacramento can’t help but fall in love with its diversity and the opportunities it provides, both on the clock and off.

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