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Taking the Guess Work Out of Oracle EBS Testing: An Introduction to Automation

Taking the Guess Work Out of Oracle EBS Testing: An Introduction to Automation 

An Overview of Automation testing

For businesses relying on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) for their core operations, system upgrades, patches, or feature enhancements can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming propositions. This is especially true when attempting to test that an upgrade or patch has been applied correctly, with minimal disruption to existing processes. Oracle EBS testing automation can save organizations significant time and money, by ensuring that all aspects of an upgrade or patch have been tested effectively before going live.


The Challenges of Manual Testing that you were not aware of 

Manual testing of Oracle EBS applications involves a huge amount of effort and resources. When testing a complex application such as EBS 12.2, it can be difficult to ensure that the entire suite has been tested properly before moving into production mode. Potential problems can arise from incomplete testing caused by a lack of sufficient resources, or human errors resulting from manual processes – both represent expensive risks that organizations would rather avoid.


The Benefits of Automated Testing over manual testing in general

Automated testing helps solve these issues by using automated tools which replicate manual tests accurately and consistently each time they are run. This eliminates the possibility of errors due to human error and ensures that the same test case can be executed multiple times without any discrepancies in results. Automated tests also provide detailed reports on test results for more efficient troubleshooting and resolution if issues do occur during the execution process.


Oracle Test Accelerator: a detail guide on oracle automation made easy.

Oracle Test Accelerator is specifically designed for automating Oracle EBS 12.2 application tests, making them quick and easy to perform while eliminating potential errors associated with manual processes. It includes a comprehensive library of pre-built automated test cases that cover all major functionalities within Oracle EBS 12.2 such as finance, HRM, purchasing, and order management modules. Additionally, Test Accelerator allows users to easily customize existing test cases or create completely new ones – meaning organizations can tailor their test procedures exactly to their specific environment and requirements quickly and reliably each time they run them.


How Automation Drives ROI: complete details.

By introducing automation into Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade testing processes organizations will be able to increase efficiency significantly – allowing workflows that previously took days or even weeks down to mere hours or minutes – resulting in massive cost savings over time due to reducing costly downtime periods caused by bugs not identified until after go-live processes have already taken place. Furthermore, automated tests enable far more granular insights into the performance of individual components providing invaluable data points which can then be used for proactively addressing potential issues before they become problematic in production environments; further driving down costs associated with maintenance activities over time as well as increasing overall user satisfaction levels via high rates of uptime across all platforms supported by EBS 12.2


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