Profit Winning Product Categories for Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer which is enabling sellers from around the globe to sell their products to millions of buyers enabling them in reaching a diverse and wide range of real marketplace buyers. Amazon, being the top in retail selling, is visited by millions of buyers on daily basis. So, the products are also sold in millions each day on normal days and if there is any event or celebration, the sales reach their peak making the Amazon FBA staff overcrowded with the orders.

People are buying the same products at higher prices from Amazon which are also being offered by other retailers in the same marketplace for the main reason of having the best quality products. Getting a product with desired quality is something possible once a seller knows what the product actually is to be sold on Amazon. There are millions of products listed on the main 36 categories at the website of Amazon, which makes it impossible for a seller to get the right product to sell.

It’s the Zonbase that is enabling the sellers, especially the new sellers to get with their profit-wining product easily and accurately.

Here are the tools of Zonbase which you can use to get the best products to sell on Amazon.

  1. ZonResearch Tool

A ZonResearch tool helps the sellers to find the products with criteria so that the seller can go through the products and analyze the products on the basis of the statistics of the products which are available at the database of the Amazon A9 algorithm.

  1. Chrome Extension by Zonbase

With the help of the Chrome extension, sellers can set their required criteria to get a product. There are filters that one can adjust according to their own needs. With Chrome extension, the process of getting the product details like the price, the brand selling that product, the monthly and daily sales for a product by a brand or seller, the review and rating status can be easily fetched from the Amazon database.

  1. Hot Products

Hot products are a Zonbase dashboard service by Zonbase in which the most selling products list is updated on an hourly basis. The list usually contains the top purchased products having the highest demand. Most of the products in the Hot Products list are gifted products and are purchased as gifts. If a seller will keep a close eye for a time period of a week, then the seller can get the best idea of which product to be sold on most with which the profits could be earned.

  1. Product Validator

Product Validator is also another Zonbase dashboard service, with which one can check the validity of a product for a certain marketplace. The seller comes with a product name, enters in the product validator, and gets the status of the product whether it will be making profits or not.

  1. Sales Estimator

Sale estimator is again another dashboard tool with which a seller can get the monthly sales and daily average sales using the BSR (Best Sellers Rank) number of the main category of the product.

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