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Manuel Mohr – Young Leipzig painting

As the son of two high school art teachers and freelance artists, the artist Manuel Mohr has had a close connection to the art world since early childhood. He was born in Stuttgart and grew up on Lake Constance.

At the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, he completed his diploma and a master class year with Professor Franz Ackermann.

Since childhood, he has been shaped by a variety of artistic and literary influences.

The diversity of these influences and interests shows that Manuel Mohr is a very open and curious artist who is willing to draw inspiration from different art movements and styles.

The recognition and admiration for artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Van Gogh, Franz Marc, Robert Delaunay, Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, MC Escher, Roberto Matta and Niki de Saint Phalle shaped Manuel Mohr early on.

Manuel Mohr’s artistic development was particularly influenced by early experiences with nature and art. Through extended stays in the native forests or in the Spanish semi-desert, as well as visits to important museums and galleries such as the Alhambra, the Uffizi and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, he collected valuable impressions that were later used in his artistic work. The artist is particularly fascinated by indigenous cultures and their art and culture, such as the Shipibo Indians in the Amazon.

These references help to understand Manuel’s own artistic vision and philosophy.


His works show his own, individual style of expression, which moves between abstract, surreal, expressive, fantastic and psychedelic painting. The

Works show a remarkable variety of dynamic elements that create an exciting and suspenseful effect, like an amusement park ride.

The works are also in contrast to today’s digital and fast-paced world and show a sluggish, analogue and artisanal approach. Manuel Mohr is not interested in decorative harmony, but rather in the complexity of human psychological perception.


The artist uses artist quality acrylic paints and canvas. The canvases are hand-stretched and primed in several coats before being painted with brushes or the occasional spray can. The acrylic paint is ideal for this process-based way of working, it does not stink, can be painted with water and dries quickly. In addition, it is very insensitive and durable. The paintings are finally varnished with a varnish to achieve greater durability and a silky sheen. Since they are stretched over a stretcher, no further framing is required.



The abstract acrylic paintings are the result of a creative process. Sometimes templates such as watercolors, drawings or photos are used here, sometimes they arise spontaneously from intuition. In several superimposed layers of paint, the works emerge from an intuitive dialogue between the artist and the picture.

Manuel Mohr’s art is a cycle of imagination, reflection and action. He combines representational and non-representational abstract motifs with surreal elements and fantastic dream images. Anything can be possible in these virtual worlds, without morality or dogmatism, according to the motto “anything goes”.

design and effect

The images have a sometimes confusing depth that captivates the viewer. Some elements virtually protrude from the painting surface into the room, creating a pronounced three-dimensionality and the abundance of details consciously overwhelms perception, reverses it. The confrontation with the works becomes a self-awareness.

His works create a kind of confusion, if you look at them for a long time, different realities emerge. When you focus intensely on an object or animal, it changes, becomes out of context, and alien. Our attributions and the image itself are reversed, the gaze is turned inward and reversed. Manuel Mohr uses color artfully to evoke psychedelic perceptions and mythical emotions, and his use of unusual color combinations adds a special touch to his work.

meaning and expression

In his work, the young Leipzig artist deals with the dynamics of perception processing, emotions and the human psyche. His works are often surreal and dreamy, showing us a fairytale world that at the same time contains the darkness of our psyche. In his pictures he is concerned with the complexity of psychological processing, in which good and bad are indistinguishably interwoven.

In order to create his visionary worlds, the artist also uses various techniques such as etching, drawing and watercolor. His works sometimes contain motifs that refer to a deceptive, seemingly idyllic world, which, however, also contains the dark sides of our subconscious.

Manuel Mohr is an innovative artist distinguished by his use of vibrant color, stunning dynamic compositions, and fragmented figural elements and landscapes. He uses diverse inspirations to create unique and thoughtful works that challenge traditional art. His works offer an immersive experience for the viewer and create a sense of mystery and intrigue. His distinctive style shows his vision and dedication to his craft.

His works offer a deep insight into the human psyche and the dynamics of perception. His works invite reflection and offer a different perspective on the world around us.

Visit the artists website to see more Paintings:

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