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Is Class 11 Chapter Vectors (Physics) Linked to Class 12 Maths Chapter Vectors?

Is Class 11 Chapter Vectors (Physics) Linked to Class 12 Maths Chapter Vectors? 

All Class 11 subjects are linked with class 12 subjects especially the science subjects in the sense that they have the same basic understanding. The class 11 subjects form the foundation and students study the basic level and in class 12 it involves more detailed explanations with extra topics in almost every chapter.


Indeed, their basic understanding is the same in every aspect, but the approach of the definition of each concept and theory are different. Most students find it difficult in class 11 as they are new to it and sometimes they need to re-read a topic many times to get a clear understanding of it. Class 11 is difficult as students need to grasp new concepts where some subjects involve chapters, topics, terms, etc., which are not known to students before.


In many Chapters be it in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biology, the students learn their basics right from class 11 and continue in class 12. Therefore, in such cases, it is very important for the students to learn the basics properly right from class 11. Sometimes students focus to study well only in class 12 hence, they miss the chance to learn all the basics which are very much required not only for their basic knowledge but for appearing in competitive examinations or entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET examination and so on so forth.


One of the chapters of Physics that students need to learn in class 11 that is linked to the class 12 chapter is the Vectors. When one talks about Vectors in Physics, it is generally used in emphasizing the process of finding components by using the cross products method for finding different physical quantities, for example, the angular momentum, then magnetic field, and many others. In Mathematics, a chapter Vector is there, however, its application is mostly used in finding the distance between given points and also to find the area and so on.


Vector is the basic concept that students need to study both in Class 11 and Class 12. Once a student has understood Vectors in class 11 then it becomes easier for him/her to understand it in class 12 as the basic foundation of this particular topic starts from class 11. This topic is important and is required in both Physics and Mathematics for class 11 as well as at 10+2 and even in a higher level of education although not all are required like the graphical representation, some subtopics are very important.


It is very important to acquire the knowledge of basic vector operations like dot and cross product that is required for derivations as well as in solving various numerical especially of magnetism and electrostatics that are needed in both 11th and 12th standards.


If there is any doubt in this chapter relating to vectors and their basics, there is a whole chapter in class 12 mathematics that is specially dedicated to vectors. This specific chapter deals with the topic from the basics.


To answer the question above, Yes, the chapter Vectors in class 11 (Physics) is very much linked to that of class 12 (Mathematics) as the ones learned in class 11 are needed with extra addition in class 12 like the student will also learn topics like vector equation of line and planes, scalar triple product, the distance between two skew and parallel lines, etc. This chapter in Mathematics and Physics is important for both classes 11 and 12. In class 12 the topics dot and cross products are more detailed compared to class 11 (Physics) and are very important too. A good understanding of the concepts and physical meaning of vectors, dot, and cross products from class 11 (Physics) will help one a lot in their class 12 (Mathematics) as well as in their preparation for different examinations like entrances for Engineering aspirants and medical aspirants.


The students must therefore keep track or keep in mind the chapters of class 11 that will be needed in class 12 (Mathematics) so that it will be easier for them as they will have class 11 notes that can help them in their class 12. Students need to be attentive and punctual in class so as not to miss important lectures on this so that it will not be new to them when there is a need to study them again in class 12. Students once they have thoroughly learned in class 11, it becomes easier for them to revise again as at one go they will start remembering without having to learn again from the scratch. It is very important for students to make notes from the beginning as this will surely help them later. For aid on this topic, the students can also download pdf online and also watch informative videos regarding this.


Solve this: If the sum of two unit vectors is a unit vector, then find the magnitude of their differences.


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