How Much Are Fireworks? The Average Prices

Most know that China holds the title of the birthplace of fireworks. It begins a lot earlier than you realize, though. The first fireworks were exploding, roasted bamboo stalks thousands of years past.

These days, they are sophisticated pyrotechnic marvels. The dazzling display of colors we’ve grown accustomed to on the Fourth of July results from hundreds of years of chemical experimentation. Being as complicated as they are, how much are fireworks on average?

From Roman candles to the big aerial displays, the cost of fireworks depends on more than the price of saltpeter. Let’s take a look at fireworks prices.

How Much Are Fireworks?

We are going to make some assumptions. First, we’ll assume you’re getting your fireworks prices from a professional pyrotechnic company. Second, we’ll take these are for a big event, not a small gathering.

The cost of buying fireworks for large-scale celebrations depends primarily on how long the show is. On average, expect to pay about $1,000 per minute. A show that runs for five minutes could cost up to $6,000.

How much do fireworks cost if you want them over a lake or choreographed to music? Here are other factors to consider.


Every color you see requires different chemicals and reactions to produce. Naturally, some color variations are more expensive than others. So are different burst patterns like these:

  • Peonies
  • Girandolaa
  • Chrysanthemums

Unique types of fireworks, both in color and shape, may increase the price.


If you plan to have fireworks over a body of water, you’ll need to rent a boat. That could increase the fireworks budget by another 20%. Same if the show happens over rough backwoods terrain.

Multiple Launch Locations

It’s cool when fireworks launch from multiple areas, but that increases complexity. More firing stations require larger crews and more fireworks split between them.

Low-Noise Fireworks

These days, you can get fireworks that make little to no noise, yet produce the same result. They do cost more, though. Low-noise fireworks may be necessary regardless of residential areas or places outdoors with wildlife noise restrictions.

Permits and Liability

Fireworks are explosives, at the end of the day. Controlled, generally safe explosives, but explosives nonetheless. You may need to pay insurance premiums in advance to account for potential accidents.

Holiday or Time of Year

Fireworks business is booming (pun intended) during the Fourth of July, Christmas, and so on. Expect to pay more if you rent them during a holiday.

Ways to Save Money on Fireworks

Buying fireworks can be quite expensive. Aside from going to the shop for Roman candles, here are some ways to save money:

  • Hire amateurs or enthusiasts
  • Buy pre-made fireworks packages
  • Settle for a smaller display

Fortunately, most people are easy to please. Including any fireworks for your event will surely dazzle the guests. Adding simple sparklers is usually sufficient to inspire awe and imagination.

Get Fireworks for Your Show

How much are fireworks? It depends significantly on the length of your show, but factors like location and local regulations tend to add to the budget. Carefully consider the cost; don’t feel bad if you have to scale back to save money.

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