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How Do You Know When a Disposable Vape Pen is Empty

How Do You Know When a Disposable Vape Pen is Empty 

Are you just starting with E-cigs or vapes? If so, consider a disposable vape, as these are ideal for beginners.

There are plenty of advantages to using vapes, and many are centred on beginner use. For starters, disposable vapes or E-cigarettes are budget-friendly. Also, with disposable devices, you get to use multiple flavours and vape units without making a big dent in your finances. Elf Bar and Lost Mary are very famous products.

Disposable Vape Tid-Bits

As a new user, you must know how these devices work; it always makes sense to be in the know before jumping to something new, including the craze of hopping on the disposable vape bandwagon.

The most common question asked by new vape users is, ‘how do you know when a disposable vape pen is empty?’ As it is clear from the name, a disposable vape or an e-cig can only offer a particular number of puffs and last for a specific time.

Some straightforward indicators include the battery, you will know if your vape is done if your battery has died, and then you can dispose of it.

The below-mentioned tips will help you determine if your vape is empty or when it is done;

Charred or Burnt Vapour

You might be out of juice if you notice a charred or burnt taste in your vapour. When your disposable vape runs out of vape juice or E-liquid but does have battery power, it still heats the atomiser. As the atomiser does not have any vape juice left to heat and vapourise, the heat gets absorbed by the wicking material.

The wick is mainly made of cotton and gets burned to produce a nasty taste, which is the clear-cut sign that you need a fresh new vape.

Thin and Tasteless Vapour

It is awful when you are used to getting thick puffs from your new device, and now all it offers is a thin tasteless cloud. This happens when you are out of E-liquid. Your device might still have some liquid left that is preventing the wick from burning out, but the liquid is not enough to land you a fuller and more satisfying puff.

You might need to get your hands on a new device if you are facing the same, in order to avoid inhaling the harmful smoke of the burning wick.

Vape On but No Vapour

This is more common for disposable vape devices with metal mesh or coils; in such a case, you might not get the smoky and burnt-tasting vapour when your vape juice runs out. However, if your vaping device is turning on normally and warming up, but when you try to take a puff, nothing comes out – this happens when you run out of E-liquid.

There might be a faint indicator of an off-putting metallic flavour; however, you might only notice something serious once all of the components of your device start failing periodically.

Ending Thoughts

Disposable vape devices come in handy, are inexpensive, and do not have many external parts that need constant replacements; however, these devices have a set time of use. After which, these devices are rendered useless, and you need to get your hands on a fresh one.

Fortunately, disposable vape devices are incredibly budget-friendly and sleek, plus small in size, making them the perfect option to stock even while travelling. Only a few indicators will tell you when it is time to break out a new device; you have to be vigilant enough, and you are good to go.

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