Dubai Travel: Expectations Vs Reality

Dubai is considered as the best tourist and business destination on the earth. Most of the travelers and entrepreneurs around the world flock to Dubai in order to explore possibilities.

If you are planning to visit this Arab destination, you should first know about its culture, cuisines and business structure. Actually, there are various myths about visiting Dubai.

That’s why you need to know its reality. Here, you are going to uncover expectation Vs reality of Dubai. So, let’s keep reading about Dubai travel – expectation vs. reality.


When it comes to expectations, people usually assume that there are solid public transportation facilities. However, it’s partially true, but metro run from a few central areas. So, when it comes to exploring Dubai, you need to look for expensive transportations.

Reality is that you can avail services of affordable car rental services in Dubai. Choosing rent a car Karama can help you saving your ass from spending big money on commuting. Moreover, entrepreneurs and professionals love using their own car. That’s why they need to go now with rent a car Karama.

Foods – Expectation Vs Reality

Let’s focus on foods. Usually, people assume that they need to deal with traditional Arab dishes or cuisines. Tourists usually assume that they may not be able to find Chinese, continental and western foods.

But the reality is that you can easily find different types of Chinese, Italian and even traditional Asian cuisines to enjoy in Dubai. So, you can eat whatever you love eating in Dubai. Restaurants and other places offer different types of stuffs to enjoy in Dubai.

Liquor – Expectation Vs Reality

It’s another important fact that you need to take into consideration while visiting to Dubai. However, it’s true that liquor is prohibited in Dubai, but there are people who can enjoy it.

The reality is that people can easily drink in Dubai. The only thing that they need to keep in mind is that they should avoid drinking in public. If you drink in public, you should be ready to deal with legal consequences for the same.

Shopping Malls in Dubai – Expectations Vs Reality

Most of the European and western travelers assume that they may not be able to find outfits or other stuffs from Europe and Western countries in Dubai. Obviously, it’s nothing else but a myth.

The reality is that you can find anything literally in Dubai. Whether you are looking for Italian outfits in vogue or Western dresses, you will find everything in Dubai malls.

Religious Belief – Expectations Vs Reality

It’s usually expected that being an Arab destination, people have to follow rules of Islam, but it’s not true. Actually, people assume that they may not be able to follow their religion while staying in Dubai.

But the reality is that Dubai is a cosmopolitan country that can help you following your own religious beliefs. It means that while staying in Dubai, you won’t need to compromise with your specific religious views. You can follow anything that you want. Here, you need to avoid criticizing Islam as it’s a criminal offence in Dubai.  

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