The Key Skills and Attributes you will Develop through Completing a Diploma in Community Service

The harshest reality of life is that not everyone is born equal. While you may be engrossed in your own misfortunes and frustrations going through your daily routine, there will always be millions of people in the exact same moment going through much worse. Like chronic pain, addiction, depression, death of a loved one, the feeling of helplessness and self-hate when you want to do something for someone you care about… who deserves something nice, but you’re unable to – the list is endless.

While it definitely isn’t fair of me to compare one’s suffering with another’s; life isn’t fair too. Now, before we get lost going down this deep, dark road of humankind’s most inmate relationship with pain – let us look at the bright side of human life. On one hand, we tend to isolate ourselves when we are suffering but on the other, we go out of our way to help our unfortunate fellow beings when we see them in pain.

That is the magic of being a social creature with highly developed brains, we guess.

What is Community Service?

Community Service is a concept that is as old as society itself. While in the olden days, community service was something that was the job of priests, healers, neighbors, and the occasional good samaritan, today it is a highly specialized field of study falling under the branch of social sciences and humanities. Straddling the legs of both psychology and medicine, but falling somewhere in between, community service as a vocational course is mainly about getting timely and effective help to the people who need it the most.

Where and How Can I Sign Up for Learning More About Community Service?

If you’re still reading, we would like to assume that helping the distressed sounds like a noble path to make a living; while making some positive impact in the world. If that is the case for you, read on to find out more about how to make community service your career.

There are a multitude of colleges and universities that offer community service courses to those individuals who want to do their part to contribute to society. From taking care of the elderly to helping out people in catastrophic situations which include natural or man-made calamities, community service workers and volunteers do it all. Let us now look at where and how you can avail one of these social or community service courses.

Diploma in Community Service:

Many renowned institutes such as Mansarovar Global University (MGU), the best university in Bhopal provide community service courses. The most common route for interested students to sign up for a community service course is through the 1-year Diploma course in community service that is offered in many colleges like MGU. This course prepares students for all the harsh realities of life that they may see people encountering while training them with the adequate skills to help those affected.


The eligibility criterion for admission to the Diploma in Community Service course at most colleges is simply passing your 10+2 from a recognized board or university with at least 50% marks. There is a further 5% relaxation for those belonging to the backward classes or other special cases as per the state government norms of Madhya Pradesh.

Salary and Top Recruiters

Services at times require remuneration when taken up as a profession, right? Helping people has always been a service and it is right to expect to get paid for rendering a service.

Community workers begin their careers usually with unpaid voluntary work in their internships. After gaining enough experience they may get starting salaries of around 15,000 INR per month on their first gig. This increases with time and experience.

The top recruiters of diploma holders in community service from the department of humanities and social sciences are usually NGOs, government agencies, and even private entities that dabble in this sector.

Personality Traits or Attributes That Will Come in Handy

There are some personality traits or attributes that will help you in your future career as a community worker. They are not absolutely necessary, but having them or making a point to develop them will definitely make your work more rewarding.

  • Empathy
  • Non-judgemental mindset
  • Willingness to help
  • Positive Attitude
  • Perseverance
  • Strong work ethic

Skills and attributes acquired by pursuing community service course:

Let us now move on to the skills and attributes that you will develop if you pursue a community service course from a prestigious institute like MGU, the best university in Bhopal.


In this hectic line of work, a few minutes is all it takes for a situation to go from bad to disastrous. Being organized is an important skill if you want to be in the community service sector. You will need to keep all your files and client details organized if you want to take quick action during an emergency.

Time Management

Time management is another important skill that you will learn while pursuing a diploma in community service. Along with organizational skills, this course will teach you how to manage your time effectively and finish tasks within given time frames. You will also learn when to set up boundaries so you don’t over-commit to someone who needs help and leave no time for yourself – which can lead to burnout.


Another skill you will learn is how to work as a part of a team, as community service volunteers mostly work in teams. This will help you in future job interviews too, where recruiters prefer team players over those who work solo.

Communication and Relationship Building

Speaking with those in need of help, whether it is children or the elderly is something you will do a lot as a community worker. This will definitely improve your communication and relationship-building skills as you cannot help a fellow human effectively if you can’t communicate with them or earn their trust.


Working with teams of volunteers will mean that sometimes you will be in charge of certain tasks, directing others to accomplish the objective. Good leadership skills are one of the top traits recruiters look for in any industry and it will benefit you greatly.


Whether it be convincing someone to attend a charity event or asking someone else to volunteer alongside you, a community service course from colleges like MGU, the best university in Bhopal will definitely help you in your future job endeavors and personal life.

We wrap up this blog by detailing all the ways in which community services courses can help you have a fulfilling career, while also giving you job satisfaction like nothing else… Something that can only come from helping your fellow humans. Sign up today for a diploma in community service at top-notch colleges like MGU if helping people while making money is the way you want to stand out.


  1. Are there any other courses similar to community service at MGU?

Yes, there are. MGU also offers a similar course in the form of a Diploma in Social Work which can be an option for you too.

  1. Is the 5% relaxation in eligibility criteria also valid for students of North-East States?

Yes. The 5% relaxation in eligibility criteria for the diploma in community service applies to the students of North East states including Sikkim/ Defense Personnel and their Dependents/ Wards of Kashmiri Migrants.

  1. Will I be able to work with reputed employers by doing this course?

Yes. We believe that any employer is reputable if they are in the work of helping people in need. However, with enough experience and connections built working as a community service worker, you can get into international aid organizations like Red Cross, UNESCO, and many more.

  1. Will this course certify me as a counselor?

No. While your role as a helper may include talking to people to understand their problems better so that you can help them, this course does not give you the certification to be a mental health counselor.

  1. Can I learn other skills while volunteering?

Yes. Volunteering involves building connections with people from different backgrounds to a large extent, so you will be able to pick up other skills like photography, oration, etc., from skilled professionals you will meet along the way in your line of work.

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