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Common Issues With Windows & Doors In Mississauga During Winter

Homeowners should normalize inspecting their windows & doors in Mississauga every once in a while, especially during the winter. Minor issues are likely to develop into major ones when left unattended and exposed to the harsh weather conditions of the winter season.

It is important to foresee and rectify any issues with the windows & doors in Mississauga to avoid dealing with bigger issues during the winter. Any windows or doors can develop issues during the winter regardless of whether they are newly installed or not. Below are some common issues with windows and doors Mississauga during the winter.

1. Moisture And Air Leaks

Your windows & doors in Mississauga are meant to prevent moisture and air leakages into your house. Windows and doors may develop small cracks that result in air and moisture leaks.

A simple practical makes it easy to identify cracks in windows and doors. You are required to simply place your hand close to the window frame and identify any airflow that can be felt. In the case of moisture, you can be able to practically see water coming through the cracks in your windows or windows.

Moisture and leaks are issues that can be solved by re-sealing or caulking the crack on the frame. However, these are temporary solutions, and you should consider Mississauga windows replacement if you are looking for a more permanent solution.

2. Presence Of Ice On The Windows

When the winter is, extreme ice is likely to form on surfaces. In case ice forms between the frames and windows, it is an indication that the weather stripping or the caulking has failed.

It is common to assume that ice formation is safe during winter. However in this case, what exactly happens is that warm air from your home is finding its way to the outside and freezes immediately it meets the cold outside leading to ice formation.

Ice formation on the window makes it challenging to allow proper functionality of the window. Once you apply much energy to open or close an iced window, you weaken the hardware or the frame could get broken on the spot.

3. Condensation

Condensation is also likely to develop on your windows & doors in Mississauga during the winter. Sometimes condensation is not a very bad thing as it is an identification that there is a lot of humidity in your home and the windows are energy efficient.

To minimize condensation in your home, you must simply control humidity levels using a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are easily available in any local store or any hardware shop near your home.

Condensation on the windows becomes an issue when it builds up in between the glass frames and not on the surface of the frames. In these cases, condensation indicates that the frame is leaking or the window seal has been broken.

Once you realize that condensation is happening between your window panes, you should consider getting a professional to inspect the cause of the issue for corrective measures.

In this case, the possible course of action would be resealing the leakage areas if it was identified or doing a full Mississauga windows replacement.

4. Warping

Windows and doors are also likely to have higher chances of warping during the winter, unlike other seasons. Warping is most common in wood and metal window types and for this reason, it is always recommended to install vinyl windows that are not only of good quality but are energy efficient.

Warping is normally caused by continuous exposure to moisture which is the case during the winter. Warping can only be solved by upgrading the existing windows. There are no temporary solutions when it comes to fixing warped windows.

5. ColorFading

Continuous exposure to moisture, as experienced during the winter, can cause your windows & doors in Mississauga to color fade. There are several temporary solutions to this issue, such as taking prevention measures. You should treat apply a different kind of treatment on the window frame that helps minimize the fading rate.

You should consider installing quality fiberglass windows for a more permanent solution since they do not undergo color fading.

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