High School Diploma Online

Can Adults Get Their High School Diploma Online?

If you’re an adult who never graduated high school, you may feel limited by the job opportunities available. A free high school diploma may be your solution. Consider an online school to get your diploma for added flexibility. 

A GED Versus a High School Diploma

As you start looking for a way to advance your education, you’ll want to know whether the program offers a GED or an actual high school diploma. A GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma, but it indicates that the person dropped out of high school before completing the coursework. 

People who get a high school diploma must complete the required coursework. A GED doesn’t have coursework requirements, but you must pass the test in all subjects. Obtaining your GED can be faster, but it is often not as comprehensive as earning your high school diploma.

Program Costs

Not all online programs for getting a high school diploma are the same. Many of them have a cost, which can vary widely. Some of them offer payment plans to make the program more affordable. Others can be quite expensive, costing thousands of dollars to get your diploma. 

You can also search for a free high school diploma program. Some of these programs are even offered online. You won’t have to pay out of pocket with a free option, which can be beneficial if you have a family to provide for or limited income. 

Program Options

Three options exist for adults who want to get their high school diploma. There are in-person programs within your local community. Many of these programs have a low cost attached or are completely free. They are the most affordable option for many returning students, but they do require a time commitment. Some programs offer day and evening classes to accommodate varying schedules. If you have to work during the day, high school diploma programs often offer late evening classes that you can take after work.

The second option is the online program. With all of the classes online, you don’t need to go to a physical location. Some of the programs do require in-person testing while others conduct the tests remotely. You can often work at your own pace while some programs have a timeline for completion.

The third option is a hybrid program. These programs are usually associated with a school or learning center. You may take some of the classes online but are required to take a percentage of them in person. Final testing is often completed at the physical classroom location.

Program Requirements

Requirements for each program are unique. You usually need to be a certain age to participate. You cannot be a student at the time of enrollment in the program. 

The programs vary according to the timeline as well. You may have classes that are completed every few weeks, or you may have longer classes that allow you to learn at your own pace. 

Most high school diploma programs will transfer any credits you earned prior to enrolling. If you went for the first two years of high school, you’ll only need to complete the classes you didn’t finish at that time. 

You may have the option of earning college credits while also working towards your high school diploma. Some programs allow you to gear your study towards a specific career path while meeting the requirements for a diploma. You may choose to focus on business or healthcare during your studies. The program administrators can adjust your coursework to meet the future needs of a degree or certification. 

Enhance Your Career With a Free High School Diploma

Even if they dropped out of high school at a young age, adults can complete their high school coursework with a free program. Once they have that diploma in hand, they can qualify for higher-paying jobs and various programs to help them further their education with a college degree.

They can request information about multiple programs and compare them to determine which one is the right fit for their lifestyle and budget. A free high school diploma opens the door to a better life for many. Find a program that meets your needs and allows you to reach your dreams. 

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