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Are Floor Graphics Safe to Walk on

Are Floor Graphics Safe to Walk on 

Floor decals are outstanding marketing solutions for community events, sports events, conventions, and festivals. Due to their size and aesthetics, floor graphics capture your audience’s attention. Vinyl graphics are the most common option.

Vinyl graphics are durable and come with an anti-skid laminate coating that improves safety when people walk over the decal. While vinyl floor graphics can be safe to walk on, the safety also depends on their installation, maintenance, and protection. Here are some tips that can help improve floor graphic safety:

Install Skid- and Slip-Resistant Laminates

Different laminates have varying textures on their surfaces, which affect how safe they are to walk on. Smooth graphic surfaces increase the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Investing in skid- and slip-resistant laminates can offer some grip on your graphics. This makes them safe to walk on and reduces the wear and tear that can cause a smooth surface.

Fill In Moisture Spots During Installation

Floor decals can suffer damage during the production process, resulting in cracks, nooks, and holes. Such imperfections on the graphic’s surface can leave room for condensation buildup. Moisture spots on your floor graphics make them unsafe to walk on. You can avoid this by checking for nooks, holes, and cracks on the decal surface before installation.

Apply a Strong Adhesive and Matte Protection

The risk of tripping increases when your graphic becomes loose since it can cause people to lose balance. Decals in high-traffic places are more likely to become loose over time, so use a strong adhesive. A strong adhesive can help root the graphics in place and keep them tight for longer.

Aside from foot traffic causing decals to become loose, weather elements can affect their safety. Weather elements like UV rays, ice, and rain cause the decal to expand and contract, which can force them to become loose. You can protect your decals from such damage by installing matte protection on the surface.

Select the Right Placement Location

The positioning of your floor graphic can influence its safety. Graphics close to doors and entryways will likely experience higher foot traffic and get wet more often. Constant traffic over the wet surface can increase wear and tear, causing your decal to become slippery. You can prevent slips and falls by installing the floor graphic in areas with less foot traffic, like at the center of rooms.

Before installing your decal, make sure your floor is in the best condition. Cracks and uneven terrain underneath can cause your graphic to pucker, increasing the risk of slips. Floor imperfections also trap air and create moisture spots which can affect the finish. Restore your floor to help keep it in the best condition before installing the floor graphics.

Keep Your Decal Clean and Dry

Dirt can damage your vinyl decals, increasing the tripping hazard. Keeping your floor graphics clean and dry can help prevent damage and promote safety. Avoid using aggressive chemicals since they can wear down the graphic’s surface. You should use mild soapy water when cleaning your decals to deal with any dirt on the surface without destroying it.

Once the decal is clean, you should dry it to prevent dust and grime from adhering to the wet surface. Use a scratch-free cloth to eliminate any scuff marks that may appear on the graphic’s surface. This helps maintain your graphic’s vibrancy and protects image clarity for a long time.

Avoid Installing Along Edges and Grout Lines

While grout lines on your tiles improve aesthetics, they can be disastrous for floor decal safety. Installing your decals close to edges and grout lines can result in air bubbles under the graphic. The air bubbles create an uneven or bumpy surface that can be uncomfortable to walk on. The vinyl laminate can also peel due to the trapped air bubbles, increasing the risk of people tripping on the graphic.

You can avoid the tripping hazard by installing your decals away from edges and grout lines. During installation, select a central location for your signage and use a squeegee to eliminate air pockets. This will keep your decal intact and maintain a smooth surface, improving safety over time.

Install Vinyl Graphics Properly

Floor graphics help market your brand since they are aesthetically pleasing and visible. When planning for floor advertising decals, you must consider customer safety. Installing vinyl graphics properly can help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

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