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A Comprehensive Guide To Vape Kits   

A Comprehensive Guide To Vape Kits    

If you are taking a plunge into the world of vaping and aren’t sure where to begin, then buying vape kits and accessories becomes challenging, to say the least. There are so many options available in the market, both online and in physical stores, that one can’t help but get overwhelmed by it all. But if you are set on transitioning towards vaping, let this guide be your starter pack of information, where you will learn all about.

Vape Kits 101:

There are many options to consider and choose from, and also you will need to learn many new terms that are the norm in vaping world. It is an important step to buy a starter kit, especially if you are making the transition from smoking conventional cigarettes – so let’s begin and learn a few important terminologies.

Drip Tip:

It is the part of the vape from where you get to inhale the flavorful vapour. It acts like a chimney for the vapour cloud to make its way from the vape tank to your lungs.

Vape Coil:

The coil is made from metal wires, and the wick in it is made of cotton material. The wick is what absorbs the flavoured vape juice, while the coil heats it up to turn it into vapour; you can press down the button of your kit or simply inhale from the mouthpiece and then subsequently take in the evaporated e-liquid. The vape coils are available in multiple resistances, all depending on the type of your vape and the coil material.

Ideally, beginner vapers go for a standard vape with a 1-ohm resistance or more, while the pro users prefer to go for the sub-ohm vapes having a coil of less than 1-ohm resistance to produce humongous clouds.

Vape Tank:

It is a glass or plastic casing that surrounds the vape coil and sits between the battery and drip tip. The vape tank is where the e-liquid is stored so it can be fed continuously to the vape coil.


The battery is the central powerhouse of any vape device; the batteries come with varying specifications and are used to heat up the coil for activating it.

While all of these are the basic components of vape kits, however, some components might look a tad bit different depending on the type of the kit.

That leads us to;

Differences Between Devices:

Let’s discuss different types of devices one by one.

Disposable Vapes:

The disposable kits are lightweight and discreet and work by mimicking the style and design of smoking. These are for one-time use only and come with a finite amount of e-juice and battery charging. These are non-refillable and non-rechargeable devices.

Pod Kits:

These are other one of lightweight options, small in size, that can easily fit inside your pockets and offer the same cigarette smoking sensation in the hands.

Vape Pens:

Ideally, this type is most popular with new vapers. The battery life here is improved again on the pod vapes, with USB port charging. The battery lasts from a few hours to up to a day. Also, these pen-style vapes are easy to use, and you can easily refill e-juice whenever you run low.

Final Word:

We hope by now you have a clear understanding of the basics of vape kits, their terminologies, parts, and differences. Vape kits are a wonderful smoking cessation tool which has helped thousands of smokers to quit smoking for good. If you are looking for the ideal vape kit options, try to use  products or go for any other top brand.

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