5 Essential Tips for Doing Your Own Prom Makeup like A Pro

Makeup is the most favorable thing for a woman to style and beautify themselves. You are done with dresses, jewelry and hairstyle but wondering to do your prom makeup on your own. A formal makeup that stays all night can need some guidance and right tricks to do your makeup on your own. Prom makeup can be complicated especially for teens as it is their special night. The perfect balance between glowing up and feeling well can be tricky. If you are not aware of doing makeup and a beginner then it can ruin your makeup on your special moments.

Therefore, we have rounded up all the 5 ultimate tips to do your prom makeup like a pro.

  1. Groom your eyebrows

Eyebrows are highlighting your face, especially your eye area. Making your eyes perfect is not the last thing to do with your eye zone. The other most important thing is to groom your eyebrows perfectly. First of all, remove unnecessary hair from your eyebrows and give it a perfect shape. Then use an eyebrow pencil to darken the eyebrow hair and it also makes your eyebrows fuller and darker that enhance your face feature.

Threading your eyebrows gives it a perfect shape that looks great and makes your face feature enhancement. Make sure to do it in the right way, watch tutorials and try to do it correctly.

  1. Blush your cheeks

After grooming your eyes, lips and face features, you have to apply some blush on your cheeks. While doing this, smile and apply it on the cheeks where it suits well and makes you blush like a charm. Use a blusher that usually looks like a pink colour. You can also highlight your cheeks, nose and forehead to give a more beautiful and shining look. There are a lot of blushes available in the market and you can choose the one that is ideal according to your face shape and skin color.

If blush is not applied rightly, face looks dated and this is reason why many people avoid using it. But without the blush face looks sick and washed out. However, when applied correctly it gives a healthy glow.

  1. Go with the bronzer

For making your face slim and sexy you can use bronzer to give a sharp feature to your face. Bronzer is basically of brown color that if applied with the right tips gives perfect shape to you. For Starting it, apply the highlighter first on your face where the light hits that is cheekbones, browbones and nose. After that start with contouring, draw the shape of 3 on your face and begin with the hairline. Then trace from top of ear to the hollow of cheeks and finish at the jawline. At last, make you lines at the either side of nose.

Now, take a brush and blend it away so that you won’t look highlighted and blend with skin. Eventually it gives a natural and healthy glow.

  1. Use lip color

Lip color is the most highlighted feature of your lips. Then how can you forget to apply it? Whether you are choosing bold or natural makeup, lip color is a must. In order to achieve long lasting lip color, then start with lining the lips border and then fill up with desired lip color in the middle. This ensures that your pout remains perfect all night long. When it is about choosing the lipstick, opting for a matte liquid option is the right way to go. They won’t make your lips shiny and might dry but you apply lip gloss before applying it.

To achieve a more natural look, you should opt for a color that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. If you want a bold look, opt for what works best for you. Pink goes well with hints of blue or purple color and yellow goes with warmer shades.

  1. Don’t forget to blend

People do all the makeup perfectly and use the right tools, makeup products and steps to apply correctly. But what we forget is to blend the makeup into the skin. If you don’t blend the makeup perfectly then an unsightly chin strap appears due to not applying the makeup rightly down the chest and neck. To blend your makeup look you can use a blender or brush to mix it up. After applying concealer and foundation, blend it into your skin and make your skin glowing and hydrating.

Make sure to blend all the harsh lines along with your jawbone, over the collarbone and down the neck. This way you will create a fluid and natural look to your foundation.

Bottom line

These are simple and important tips for doing prom makeup on your own just like a pro. You can use those tips for natural and staying makeup all night. You should do a slight flawless and natural makeup for prom so that it matches with night lightnings. Opt for the shades and colors according to your skin and texture. Will you try these tips for perfect prom makeup?

If this seems difficult to try out, then you can consider a beauty salon to get perfect flawless prom makeup. For trying any formal makeup and trending beauty packages, consider online salon booking apps. In this you can find nearby salons and easily make the appointment with the desired salon then visit there at slotted time. You can avail discounts and offers as well. It is that simple!

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