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4 Reasons to Fly Private for Your Family Trips

Private jets have a reputation for being the go-to for business people. After all, they have the need to get places quickly and time is money. However, you can also use a private charter service to travel with friends and family.

If you have ever traveled private before, you already know the difference between a commercial and a private flight. If you haven’t, it’s like taking a bus to go somewhere or having a driver with a nice car to take you.

If you’re planning to take a trip with your family, here are four reasons why you should consider flying private.


Eliminate the Stress

When you fly commercial, you know there will be plenty of lines, long waits, and lots to do even if you’re flying alone. If you add kids to the mixture, flying can become incredibly stressful and hectic.

After all, no one wants a Home Alone kind of situation when traveling on Christmas.

When you fly private, you don’t have to spend hours getting to the plane. You will reach the reception desk to tell the crew you’re there, stamp on the passports, and you’re on the plane. The process might take a few minutes instead of hours.

That’s why flying with private charter services by can be a perfect way to start your vacation.


More Destination Options

Commercial flights will only take you to popular destinations because they need to book all their seats for each flight.

Also, commercial planes are much bigger than private jets. That’s why they need more space for taking off, landing, and processing all those passengers along with their luggage. It requires a big operation, which is only available at big airports.

That’s why many people have to take a plane, then a train or bus to reach their destinations

With private charter jets, you can fly to more destinations or much closer to your vacation destination. That’s because the planes are much smaller and the only passengers are you and your family, which allows them to land at smaller airports. That can be much more convenient than flying commercial.


Have More Control

Flying private gives you more control over your travel, unlike commercial flights.

With public traveling, you will be in an airport with hundreds of people, then travel in a crowded plane to finally reach yet another crowded airport. That’s why families can get sick before even reaching their destination.

Other than your traveling environment, you also don’t have any control over the flight schedule and you have to check the government guidelines to see what you can carry.

With private, you will only see a handful of people on your travel. Not to mention, you have complete control over the flight schedule and you can even take full-sized shampoo bottles and your family pet. All that without dealing with lost luggage or delays.


Enjoy Customized Catering

If you or anyone in your family has certain dietary restrictions, a commercial flight won’t care. You can either eat their meals or bring your own food.

Private charter services offer customized catering services. When you book your flight, you can tell exactly what you and your family would like to eat and drink. On the flight, you don’t have to wait for them to serve. You can eat whenever you want.

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