4 Creative Ideas To Use A Custom Washi Tape

Welcome to the enchanting world of custom washi tape! Be ready for an exciting journey of creativity filled with vivid colors, stunning patterns, and endless possibilities. This tape lets users put a personal finish to their crafting or DIY projects and everyday items. This makes the tape truly unique.

In this article, we present four creative concepts that can encourage you to investigate the endless possibilities of customized washi tape. From adding some bright color to your stationery or making everyday objects work that is artful, the imaginative possibilities are endless.

Explore how customized washi tape can inject fresh vitality into your journals, planners, scrapbooks, and journals and add fun and elegance. Explore your creative side by experimenting with various styles of tape, layers, and patterns to create amazing visual effects.

Make everyday household objects amazing decor items with personalised washi tape. It can be used to create elaborate borders, embellish frames for pictures, or even add an exciting touch to containers and vases. See your designs become life-like with vivid hues and captivating patterns.

Pay attention to the value of custom washi tape when giving gifts! Make your gifts or cards unique with distinctive tape designs and add sentimental touches, which will make your gifts memorable.

Jazzing up Journal Pages

Making your notebooks more attractive and planners by using a washi tape can be a great option to add uniqueness  and flair into your stationery. Begin by choosing designs for washi tape that are in tune with your style and taste. Choose striking patterns, beautiful floral designs, striking geometric shapes and some even themed tapes to represent your hobbies or interests.

After you’ve selected the washi tape you want to allow your imagination to let your imagination run free. A simple, yet efficient idea is to draw attractive borders along borders of notebooks or planner cover. You can do this by putting stripes of washi tape that are parallel to the edges of your notebook, giving a pleasing frame. Explore various patterns and colors for a unique, attractive design.

If you’re more daring you can create your own patterns for the cover using washi tape. The tape should be laid out like a mosaic by overlapping various colours and shapes to create complex patterns. Create geometric patterns, abstract designs and even write inspirational sentences or words using washi tape.

Alongside the cover In addition to the covers, washi tape may be used to separate sections in your planners and notebooks. You can place strips of tape horizontally for fun partitions that do not just add aesthetic appeal, but aid in navigation and arrange your ideas. This is particularly helpful for planners and bullet journals with distinct types of sections or categories.

Crafting Intricate Borders

Picture Frames: Enhance your frames with photos by embellishing the frames with washi tape border designs. Pick a pattern to match the photograph or overall design. Place the tape on the outside of the frame for an attractive border. Explore different widths and techniques for layering to create a unique, personal appearance.

Mirrors and artwork: Select a pattern on the tape or style that complements the look of the artwork. Place the tape on the mirror’s surface or artwork, forming an attractive border that attracts attention.

Scrapbooking and Journaling: Add fun to your scrapbook pages and journal entries by adding an exquisite washi tape border. Use different patterns on tape to make layered borders, or cut them into decorative shapes and place them along the edges of your pages. This method will not just cover your pages but give depth and dimension to the designs.

Organizing and Labelling

Color-Coded Organization: Apply various shades of washi tape to different categories or objects to create a color-coded organization system. The tape can be used to mark containers, boxes, and shelves following. For example, you can use green tape to label office equipment, blue tape for crafting products, and red tape to label electronics. The system will help locate things quickly and give the storage area a lively and attractive appearance.

Decorated Labels: Instead of traditional labels, use washi tape with a custom design to mark your objects. Cut pieces of tape, and then draw or write labels directly onto the tape with an ink pen or permanent marker. Attach the tape with labels to containers, storage bins, or even jars to give an appealing touch while keeping everything tidy.

Pages and Bookmarks: Design unique and durable bookmarks and page markers with custom washi tape. Cut the tape according to your desired length and then fold it into half before adhering to both sides of the tape. It is a durable and attractive bookmark that can be easily affixed to the pages of notebooks, books, and planners. There is also the option to draw or print labels on the tape to mark particular chapters or sections.

DIY Crafts And Projects

Invitations and Handmade Cards: Enhance your skill in cardmaking through the incorporation of customized washi tape to your design. Utilise the tape to make border designs, accents, or complete backgrounds. Use different patterns and colors to create depth and excitement. Customize invitations to special events by adding washi tape designs.

Decoration of Gift Wrapping: Change normal gift wrap into an art piece with custom washi tape. Wrap presents using simple or patterned papers, after which you can add pieces or designs of washi tape to create embellishments. Mix and match the tape patterns for distinctive patterns and designs. Finish the look by adding matching twine or ribbons.

Scrapbooking and Photo Albums: Washi tape that is custom-designed can be the perfect complement to your scrapbooking and album designs. It can be used to create borders around photographs, frame captions, journal entries or even entry pages or add small mementos and other items to your pages. Washi tape’s versatility permits you to include a range of styles, colours, and patterns to your pages.

Printing Custom Body Pillows: Customers often ask a question, ‘’how to make custom body pillows printed’’ ? This tape allows the users to design their pillows as per their choices.


The custom washi tape can provide practical benefits too. It is useful for labelling and organizing objects, making it easier to organize and find the items you have. Whether for color-coding storage containers or making labels with decorative designs and labels, washi tape provides functionality and aesthetics.

Engaging with DIY activities and crafts with customized washi tape lets you unleash your imagination to create distinctive and personal objects. If you’re creating custom-designed cards, creating gifts, or changing your home decor, the washi tape will give your home the extra special touches.


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